Cisco Cloud Intelligent Network

Ike Reaches for the Cloud

Ike uses the Cloud Intelligent Network to prevent an intergalactic battle. (3:27 min)

Cisco Cloud Intelligent Network - Ike Reaches for the Cloud.

Cisco Cloud Intelligent Network is a foundation to help enable cloud services and accelerate public, private, and hybrid cloud adoption. The intelligent network is the platform that integrates clouds, data centers, and end points. This helps to ensure a reliable, highly secure cloud experience and a highly scalable, efficient infrastructure.

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Building the Right Network for Cloud Services

Cloud services are getting increasingly complex - with more applications, devices, and distributed users. This is creating a massive shift to a world of many clouds - public, private, and hybrid. These clouds must connect intelligently to each other and to customers to help ensure complex, high-quality services and to scale efficiently.

Cisco believes that an intelligent network is the foundation that connects the world of many clouds. The Cloud Intelligent Network from Cisco makes it easier to meet your cloud service requirements. You can more efficiently and reliably deliver services, whether that means private or hybrid cloud services at dispersed user locations, or enterprise-class public cloud commercial services.

Cisco Cloud Intelligent Network

The Cisco Cloud Intelligent Network addresses three pillars required to effectively deliver your cloud services. These include:

  • Cloud-to-Customer Connect, which helps to ensure the user experience across devices, applications, and locations
  • Cloud-to-Cloud Connect to unify data centers, connect clouds, and optimize the sourcing of data and content
  • Network Management and Automation to provide agility and adaptability across network domains

These include a wide range of capabilities to make networks more intelligent. These include:

  • Visibility to users, applications, and network conditions
  • Ability to dynamically configure performance, security, and availability
  • Use of service policies to manage scaling across the entire infrastructure

Whether cloud services are delivered across the organization's network (Borderless Networks) or the service provider's IP Next-Generation Network, the Cisco Cloud Intelligent Network helps deliver them securely and reliably. It facilitates world-class scale, built on routing and switching solutions such as the Cisco Carrier Routing System (CRS), Aggregation Services Routers (ASR), Integrated Services Routers (ISR), Cloud Services Router 1000V (CSR 1000V) and Cisco Nexus technology.

Cloud-to-Customer Connect

Cloud-to-Customer Connect helps to ensure a high quality, highly secure, and predictable user experience for end users of public, private or hybrid clouds. This includes solutions for the enterprise WAN and Cloud providers.

Delivering a High-Quality Experience

With Cisco Cloud-to-Customer Connect, organizations can transparently connect users to all types of clouds. It offers the efficiency of cloud technologies with the confidence of a private network. The solution provides:

  • Optimal application experience: Network-integrated visibility, optimization, and survivability
  • Reliable cloud security: Centralized policy control and direct access from premise to cloud
  • Simplified operations: Unified management and virtualized application hosting

The solution is based one of the industry's broadest and most comprehensive enterprise routing and WAN optimization portfolios.

Helping to Ensure Cloud Provider Services

Cloud providers can effectively deliver cloud services by taking full advantage of their data center and network assets. Solutions include Network Positioning System (NPS), making the cloud provider's data centers and networks simultaneously more reliable, secure, and efficient. NPS adapts the infrastructure to rising demand for cloud services, across time, location and applications.

Cloud-to-Cloud Connect

Cloud-to-Cloud Connect addresses the growing need to create hybrid clouds and optimize the sourcing of data and content from the distributed data centers. This includes simplifying Data Center Interconnect by extending the data center fabric between data centers, scaling the interconnects for cloud growth, and automating inter-connections with Data Center Services. Cloud-to-Cloud Connect uses the intelligence in the network to identify and efficiently consume the top resources in the cloud.

Cloud Network Management

Cisco Prime for Enterprise and Service Providers offers a full suite of management and automation modules supporting thousands of Cisco and non-Cisco network devices. This includes analytics, service management, network management, and core services. Cisco Prime supports an intuitive, workflow-oriented user experience, integrated multi-domain operations, and a large set of standardized APIs to link with other management systems.

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