Sheikh Zayed House for Islamic Culture and the Cisco Difference.

Country: UAE

Preliminary Case Study Questions

  • What was the solution implemented by Cisco? (detailed hardware & software – please provide solution fact sheet / whitepaper)
    • Routing & Switching and IP telephony
  • What is the AT penetration of this solution?
    • IP Communications
  • Why did the customer choose Cisco over competitors? (Brand, value, TCO, support ...etc)
    • All the above
  • What business challenge was the customer facing?
    • Flexible telephone systems and advanced network supports applications, video and voice
  • How did the solution help customer overcome these challenges?
    • The network now support ERP and HR application
    • The IP telephony very flexible and easy to use
  • What are the overall business benefits of the implemented solution to the customer?
    • More network switch capacity to support bandwidth-hungry applications
    • Converged services support including IP telephony, voice over WLANs, and video services
    • More manageable solutions as IT administrators seek to reduce cost and complexity of network switches
    • Speed access and improve communication
    • Integrate different device modes and communication applications
    • Streamline business processes, reach the right resource the first time, and enhance profitability.
  • Is the project/solution implanted already?
    • Yes
  • When what was the implantation duration?
    • March, 2007
  • What can the customer now offer (to employees, customers, partners), thanks to the solution which he couldn’t before? (Services, integration, collaboration ..etc)
    • high-speed network and IP telephony features.
      Flexibility, stability and reliability
  • Who was the Cisco partners involved? (Silver, gold?)
    • Latitude Systems - Premier
  • How will the solution impact the customer’s products/services extended to its employees, customers and partners? (Productivity, cut costs..)
    • Easy to manage the IT equipment
    • Reliable telephone system
    • Saving time
  • What future plans does this customer have with this partner?
    • To implement same solution in their future branches

Zayed House for Islamic Culture,
Huda Al Bastaki,

Cisco Partner:
Latitude Systems,
Tamer Al Shami,,
050 3195663

Account Manager: Priya Limaye,,
050 5584898

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