WSP and the Cisco Difference

We Take Immense Pleasure To Share A Success Story With Cisco's Tremendous Support And Technical Expertise To Begin With Let Us Introduce Us As AL Suwaidi Computer Company LLC Established In 1985, We Are An Authorized Dealer/Reseller/ Solution Provider Of HP, Cisco, Microsoft, Autodesk, IBM And So On. We Are Specialized In Servers, Workstation, Laptops, Data and voice Networking Products, We Provide Our Customers With Total Support And Backup Relating To Their Queries And Problems.

We Would Like To Share An Incident Of How We Used The Advantage Of Being A CISCO Partner In One Of The Cases. Where The Customer Was Overwhelmed By The Kind Of Solutions And Applications CISCO Could Provide For Their Voice And Data Based Processes.

We Got A Hint From WSP Where We Had Been To Make A HP Server Related Project Implementation. The Customer Was Discussing With The Communication Giants Like AVAYA, And NORTEL For Data And Voice And Security Solutions. The Customer Was Utterly Confused Because Of The Limitations They Had With All These Solution Providers Since It Was Not Suiting Their Kind Of Application Where Voice And Data Had To Be Collaborated With Integrated Security.

Without Wasting Time We Found Out The Concerned Persons Name And Email ID And Through Our Contacts, We Studied What Exactly They Wanted To Achieve With The Solution. We Just Mailed A General Introduction By Altering It And Making It Appear Exactly To Suit Their Need. Then I Gave Them A Call For The Meeting. For My Surprise They Could Not Believe That A Single Brand Can Have A Total Solution Like
IT Infrastructure Security /Systems Networking / Data Back Up / Antivirus/ Switches / Routers Etc. They Immididiately Wanted To Meet Me.

When I Went Next Day I Took Along With Me The Cisco Technical Consultants And Showed Them Exactly As To How This Would Help Them To Collaborate Voice, Data And Security. They Asked Me A Quotation. The Same Evening I Quoted Them Because They Had Urgency.

They Wanted Immediate Supply But Distributors In Dubai Were Not Having All Items In Stock Thanks To The Our Cisco Distributor (Logicom) For Supporting Us. Because They Made It Available To Us In A Span Of 2 Weeks Time. We Completed The Project Within A Span Of 4 Weeks From The Purchase Order Date. In The Initial Period The Customer Was Facing Some User Problems. But In A Span Of A Week They Were Telling Us That It Is So User Friendly And The Clients Have Given Them Compliments For Their Early And Quick Response.

It Is About 3 Months After We Have Successfully Implemented Their Whole Voice Data And The Security Project In Jabel Hafiz Office Of WSP. We Haven't Had Much Of Complaints Apart From The Normal Basic Problems Which Normally Everyone Faces. The Customer Is Extremely Satisfied For The Reliability And The Performance. And We Have A Very Good Reputation In Front Of The Customer. We Are Proud To Be The Cisco Partners And We Wish This Always Prevails The Same Way In Future Too When The Technology Upgrades.

We ASC With Cisco Systems Forge Relationships That Endure. Our Solutions Provide Strategic Advantage To Several Of The Most Admired Organizations In The Middle East. We Have Long-Standing And Vibrant Partnerships With Over 2000 Companies Across The Middle East. Our Clients Are Assured Of Services That Address Their Changing Business Needs And Exceed Their Expectations. Our High Level Of Commitment To Our Clients Has Differentiated Us As Their "Preferred Partners". With Each New Customer Engagement, We Open Up More Avenues For The Future.

We ASC With Cisco Systems, Are Focused On Optimizing Our Customers' Investments In Information Technology. We Help Customers Envision And Shape Their Future Around The Key Drivers Of Technology, Productivity And Cost-Effectiveness.

Shakir Hussain
Manager Solutions
AL Suwaidi Computer Company LLC

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