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Spotlight on Cisco's IoT and Security Solutions at Future Technology Week 2016

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By Mike Weston, Vice President, Cisco Middle East
Cisco's participation at GISEC and IoTX at the Future Technology Week 2016

After our successful participation last year, Cisco is happy to be back at IoTX 2016 and GISEC 2016 once again this year. Taking place from March 29-31at the Dubai World Trade Centre under the collective banner of Future Technology Week, Cisco‘s participation will place the spotlight on our best-of-breed IoT and Security solutions. Our focus will be on digital acceleration with ‘Real Life’ Smart City scenarios at IoTX 2016, and ‘Threat-centric’ Security at GISEC 2016. Our stand will be busy with live demos, presentations, meetings and media engagements.

Our senior executives will also be speaking at the conferences. Shukri Eid, Cisco’s Customer Solutions Director, will speak on ‘What can business do about their biggest IoT vulnerabilities?’ at a panel discussion on March 29, 2016,Osama Al-Zoubi, Cisco Middle East’s Chief Technology Officer, will deliver a keynote titled ‘Limitless possibilities, imminent disruption: Igniting innovation and exponential growth through Digital Transformation’ on March 30, 2016 and Adam Philpott, Director of Cyber security at Cisco EMEA, will deliver a keynote, titled ‘Accelerate the Digital Journey, Securely’ on March 31, 2016, where he will also examine the challenges in providing cyber security for the real world.

Digitization and the IoT hold enormous potential to drive new experiences, cost savings, and revenues in every enterprise and IoTX 2016 provides an opportunity for us to demonstrate how IoT technologies are playing an increasingly important role in improving the quality of life today, and for future generations. We plan to showcase our key business architectures and solutions that will be important for digital transformation including Security, Cloud, Data Center and Analytics, Mobility, Application Centric Infrastructure and Collaboration and demonstrate various ‘real life’ Smart City scenarios including Smart Energy, Smart Transportation, Smart Parking, Retail, Healthcare and Remote Diagnostics through video content and an animated city display. We will also demonstrate the features of our recently launched Cisco Digital Ceiling framework, which is set to become the next frontier in the IoT.

At GISEC 2016, we plan to demonstrate how integrated threat defense can truly help businesses address their biggest security risk, advanced and zero day threats, while extending Security Everywhere with new capabilities and services that deliver greater visibility, context and control from the cloud to the network to the endpoint, for organizations of all sizes. We will highlight our next-generation security solutions that deliver advanced threat protection across the entire attack continuum before, during, and after an attack.

As our customers embrace the move to digital, security becomes truly a front and center concern, not only in their infrastructure, but as they connect more and more devices that are not connected today.

Cisco's senior executives, security specialists, technology experts and partners will be available at both our stands to meet with customers, demonstrate our latest innovative technologies and share our global success stories.

Come visit our stands at IoTX 2016 (B-65 in hall 6) and GISEC 2016 (C-100) at DWTC to see how Cisco and our strategic partners bring IoT and ‘threat-centric’ security to life!

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