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Digital Acceleration is a Top Priority for Cisco at GITEX 2015

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By Rabih Dabboussi, General Manager – UAE, Cisco.

Just a few more days to go for the region’s largest ICT exhibition to begin and Cisco has now moved into top gear for GITEX Technology Week 2015.  Next week, our stand will be buzzing with activity with live demos, presentations, meetings and new customer and partner announcements.  

In keeping with the overriding themes of Gitex 2015 of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the ‘Internet of Everything’ (IoE), Cisco will be demonstrating ‘real life’ Smart City scenarios to visitors as well as showcasing our key business architectures and technology solutions that will help facilitate digital transformation in the IoT/IoE era. Together with our partner -  GBM, we plan to unveil our ‘Cisco Digital Acceleration Strategy’ at a press round table on October 19th, 2015 and demonstrate what steps organizations in the Middle East need to take to become fully digitized in an era where technology is destined to bring about major transformational social and economic change.

Digitize or die
The message is simple. Middle East companies must embrace digital transformation now or risk extinction in the future. The companies that succeed will be those that embrace digitization and manage it in the right way. Digitization is going to change the world and every business and in order to maximize the benefits that the next phase of the internet has to offer, organizations in the Middle East will need to invest in a robust and secure infrastructure.

As we move into an era of complete digitization, where technology begins to connect everything from people, processes and data to things – countries and organizations alike will need to rethink how we approach national infrastructure on a grand scale.  Digitization has the potential to create sustainable and positive impact for every area of society. At its core, Country Digitization is the process of planning, and ultimately building, a sophisticated and forward-thinking IT network ecosystem that will allow for greater connectivity, productivity and security to drive this positive impact.
Digitization will offer greater efficiencies and economies of scale, greater usage of assets and better end-user experience and finally a clearer view of the business. In a nutshell, the  next phase of the Internet will create increased value across the board by lowering costs, improving employee productivity, generating new revenue, and enhancing citizen benefits.

Accelerate Digitization
As digitization accelerates, cutting edge infrastructure will increase a country’s GDP, reduce spending and create job opportunities throughout the Middle East region. It will allow governments to extend the reach and impact of public services by converting insights into action. It will enable new and diverse groups of entrepreneurs to build businesses that will shape the world, whilst providing more accessibility and opportunities for education and technology-based careers. As a result, it will ensure that countries become more competitive on the global stage.  

At GITEX Technology Week 2015, we plan to drive a stronger message of how digitization is vital for Middle East countries and organizations in order to embrace the IoT/IoE era.

We believe that technology has only just barely begun to improve lives to the degree to which it is possible. We believe that the IoE and country digitization will profoundly enhance  citizen’s lives. The future is not just full of technological possibilities… it is full of technological inevitabilities.

Come visit Cisco’s Stand: Z-B40, Zabeel Hall at DWTC during Gitex week to see how Cisco and our strategic partners will bring digitization to life!

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