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Video Collaboration Transforms How Middle East Citizens Live, Work and Play

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By Wael Abdulal, Collaboration Sales Manager, Cisco UAE.

In the Middle East, the sheer scope of video technology and its current application potential is breathtaking, particularly when it comes to the collaborative benefits it can deliver in fields like education, healthcare, and government services.

Illustrating the region's rise in the number of smart, mobile devices that will support high-quality video, by 2018 the Middle East and Africa, region's business IP video traffic is set to reach nearly 65 percent of total IP traffic, and business Internet video traffic 67 percent of total Internet video traffic, according to the Cisco Visual Networking Index: Forecast and Methodology, 2013–2018.

To highlight one benefit of video, there is no longer the need for educational experts or trainers to travel hundreds of miles in order to deliver education, today and increasingly so in the future they are and will be available quite literally at the touch of a button.

Video solutions are increasingly also enabling healthcare professionals to collaborate more easily, regardless of location, thereby improving both the timeliness and the quality of care delivered. Healthcare institutions and providers are utilizing care-at-a distance technology to connect patients in the Middle East with physicians or specialists overseas for vital healthcare consultations.

In the government sector, Smart Cities rising across the GCC are now using video at their core, with sensors integrated in every object connected to citywide Wi-Fi networks. We'll see this being used in situations such as emergency response management, with hazard reports being sent or police calling up CCTV footage of suspects.

Such intelligent and innovative use of collaborative video technology will increase productivity, reduce overall costs and ultimately help transform companies, cities, countries and subsequently, individual lives. Video is transforming enterprise activities from executive communications and training to physical security, marketing and sales.

All of these everyday examples will help boost the projected global growth of mobile video traffic to account for 69 percent of total mobile data traffic by 2018. Mobile video traffic will increase 14-fold from by 2018 and will have the highest growth rate of any mobile application category.

To meet the growing demand for video in the region, Cisco has recently launched a full suite of high-quality video collaboration solutions including the DX70 and DX80 desktop collaboration devices, and the IP Phone 8800 Series. These new personal collaboration tools are designed and priced for every worker to collaborate immediately without any technology hassles.

As the Middle East hosts a young population who are early adopters of technology, organizations must leverage the transformative power of video to accelerate the emerging connected economy to support the next generation of professionals, and enhance daily lives of people and businesses.

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