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Cisco Learning Credits FAQ

What are Cisco Learning Credits?

Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs) are prepaid training vouchers redeemed directly with Cisco that make planning for your success easier when purchasing Cisco products and services. Each Cisco Learning Credit is equivalent to $100 USD, and can be used as a method of payment for Cisco training.

What are the benefits of Cisco Learning Credits?

Cisco Learning Credits make it easy to include training as part of the total solution when purchasing Cisco products and services. Cisco Learning Credits allow organizations to set aside budget for their training needs at the point of product/technology sale, but defer decisions related to the type of training, attendees and timeline.

Each CLC comes with a Learning Business Development Manager who serves as a complimentary resource helping customers redeem, determine training and create plans to ensure their success.

How can I get Cisco Learning Credits?

If you are able to purchase products or services directly from Cisco, you can purchase Learning Credits directly, or you can order them through a Cisco value-added reseller (VAR). Cisco Learning Credits may be purchased along with your product or service or as a stand-alone order, with part numbers and pricing on the Cisco Global Price List.

What can I buy with Cisco Learning Credits?

Cisco Learning Credits can be used to purchase the following:

  • Instructor-led training: 2-5 day training taught by instructors across Cisco’s certifications and technologies. Click here to visit the Learning Locator for a full list of course offerings, many in which are CLC eligible denoted with an icon.
  • Self-paced digital learning: unlimited access to single title, technology or all-access subscriptions across Cisco’s certifications and technologies. Click here to launch a free trial.
  • Cisco exam vouchers: 12-month vouchers for Cisco certification exams redeemed directly through Pearson VUE.
  • Cisco certification prep: courses, exam reviews and bundles too help prepare for Cisco certifications and exams.
  • Automation bootcamp: tailored program designed to accelerate customers approach to automating their environment.
  • Guided study group: Associate level certification preparation that includes synchronous and asynchronous learning and support.
  • Cisco Live: Cisco’s world renowned customer and partner conference that provides education on Cisco’s products, allows attendees to make connections and creates inspiration.
  • Cisco Modeling Labs: virtualization platform that allows users to design, test and troubleshoot.
  • Customized offerings: tailored and customized offerings that accelerate your team’s and/ or organization’s goals. Contact your Learning BDM or the learning-bdm@cisco.com alias to build.

Do I need to know what courses I am going to take before I buy Cisco Learning Credits?

No, you do not need to identify the courses beforehand. However, it is highly recommended that you work with your Learning BDM to help you create a training plan that fits your needs.

How soon can I use my Cisco Learning Credits? Are they immediately available?

Your order for Cisco Learning Credits must go through booking, approval, and invoicing processes before the credits become available. Once booked, the order can take from 4 to 7 business days for the Learning Credits to be made available for use.

How will I know when my Cisco Learning Credits are available?

As soon as the order has been booked and invoiced, the Learning Credits team will be notified to activate your Learning Credits. At that time, your Cisco sales agent will be notified that your credits are ready and will add your Cisco username (ID) to the account to grant you access to the Learning Credit Management Tool (LCMT).

What do I have to do to use my Cisco Learning Credits?

Give the Cisco Sales Order (SO) number that is on the account with your credits to your Learning BDM as your method of payment at the time of registration. The Learning Credit Management Tool (LCMT), available 24x7, is an informational database that holds the details of your Learning Credits purchase. It allows you to monitor their use and sends you transaction notifications and monthly statements by email.

What should I do if Cisco Learning Credits are taken from my account in error?

When you receive email transaction notifications and monthly statements, you should check to make sure that you approve each transaction. If you wish to refute a charge, please open a case with Cisco’s Centralized Support Tool.

Are Cisco Learning Credits available in every country?

No, only certain countries have been cleared for the sale, purchase, and redemption of Cisco Learning Credits. For an updated listing of the countries in which Learning Credits may be used, please visit the Countries of Operation page.

Do Cisco Learning Credits expire?

Yes, Cisco Learning Credits expire 365 calendar days from the invoice date. The expiration requirement was instituted to encourage timely use of the Learning Credits. For questions, visit Certification & Communities Online Support. Expiration occurs at 12:01 a.m. on the expiration date.

What happens if I don’t use my Cisco Learning Credits before they expire?

  • Should your Learning Credits expire before you can use them, you may request a one time reissue of the balance about to expire, valid for a period of 6 months.
  • Reissues can be granted within an eligibility window of 60 days before and 60 days after the original date of expiration.
  • Reissue requests are submitted through the Learning Credit Management Tool (LCMT). You must have a detailed training plan to use the remainder of the Learning Credits within the 6 months allowed for reissue.
  • Requests for reissue must go through review and approval processes before the Learning Credits can be made available again.

Are Cisco Learning Credits recognized by Learning Partners?

Effective June 14, 2021, all Cisco Learning Credits must be redeemed directly with Cisco.

How can I track the use of my Cisco Learning Credits?

  • Learning Credits are managed in our online database, the Learning Credit Management Tool (LCMT).
  • You gain access to the database when your Cisco Account Manager enters your Cisco username (ID) to your company-named account.
  • Your first login will require you to accept a Terms and Conditions agreement. You must accept the agreement to gain access. This is a one-time-only action.
  • Your home page will show the name of your company and the total number of Learning Credits that are available.
  • To view the Sales Order (SO) number and details, click the Plus [+] symbol to the right of the company name. The lines will expand to show the SO number, expiration date, and number of days left until the expiration date.

Will I still get the same pricing or discounts for training when using Cisco Learning Credits?

The pricing of classes and any discounts are determined by the Cisco Learning organization, any concessions or discounts should be discussed and negotiated with your Learning BDM.

Can I use Cisco Learning Credits to pay for certification exams?

Yes, Cisco Learning Credits may be used to purchase exam vouchers. Exam vouchers can be purchased through Pearson VUE, although there are a number of bundled offerings available through the Cisco Learning Network.

Please visit the exam voucher program site for more details.

Can Cisco Learning Credits be used to pay for anything other than training?

Aside from training, Cisco Learning Credits can also be used for registration to Cisco Live, certification exam vouchers and voucher bundles, and Cisco Learning Network Store products.

They cannot be used directly with a Learning Partner, to pay for Cisco equipment or services, Cisco Press books, materials associated with classes, or ancillary costs associated with training, such as travel and lodging.

How can I use Learning Credits to register for Cisco Live events?

You can apply Cisco Learning Credits to attend Cisco Live and gain access to thought leaders and more than 1,000 education sessions.

You must register for the event before the expiration date of your Learning Credits, but the event can take place after the expiration date.

To redeem Cisco Learning Credits for Cisco Live:

  1. Gather the following information from your purchase manager or your LCMT account manager or team captain:
    • The Sales Order (SO) number that is associated with your Learning Credits
    • Whether debits to the Learning Credits account must be approved by the team captain before you register for an event
    • The number of Learning Credits that are currently in the account
  2. Choose your level of participation in the event. When the team captain has approved the debit in the LCMT, if needed, begin registration for the event.
  3. Under Payment Information, choose Learning Credits.
  4. In the SO Number fields, enter the Sales Order number or numbers. (If your organization has multiple sales orders, you can apply more than one.)
    • In the Number of Credits field, enter the number of Learning Credits needed for registration.
  5. Click Submit Order. Cisco will notify your team captain of the registration and the Learning Credits balance remaining and will request a debit of the account. 

I work for an international company. Can I purchase Cisco Learning Credits in the United States and use them in another country?

Yes. Please reach out to your Learning BDM or the learning-bdm@cisco.com alias for assistance.


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