642-972 DCASD

Data Center Application Services Design

Exam Number 642-972 DCASD
Last day to test: June 30, 2014
Associated Certifications Data Center Application Services Design Specialist
Duration 75 minutes (45-55 questions)
Available Languages English, Japanese
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The 642-972 DCASD Cisco Data Center Application Services Design exam tests a candidate's knowledge of the skills needed by a sales engineer to design and articulate a Cisco Data Center Application Services platform.

The exam is closed book and no outside reference materials are allowed. The following topics are general guidelines for the content that is likely to be included on the practical exam. However, other related topics may also appear on any specific delivery of the exam. In order to better reflect the contents of the exam and for clarity purposes, the following guidelines may change at any time without notice.

  •   2%     1.0   Describe Foundational Technologies
                        and Protocols Used with DCAS

      • 1.1   Describe HTTP
      • 1.2   Describe SSL
      • 1.3   Describe WCCP
      • 1.4   Describe the fundamentals of web technologies
      • 1.5   Describe the fundamentals of the N-tier architecture
      • 1.6   Describe the TCP connection process
      • 1.7   Describe UDP
      • 1.8   Describe the active vs. passive FTP
      • 1.9   Describe streaming media
      • 1.10   Describe file systems/protocols/applications
  • 10%     2.0   Perform a Network and Systems

      • 2.1   Identify the customer's current and future server farm
      • 2.2   Identify the customer's current and future N-Tier application
                 architecture requirements
      • 2.3   Identify current and future inter-site application communication
      • 2.4   Identify the customer's current and future application performance
      • 2.5   Identify the customer's current network configuration and its ability
                 to support DCAS
      • 2.6   Identify the components of a DCAS site survey
      • 2.7   Identify the customer application requirements that would benefit
                 from a DCAS solution
  • 19%     3.0   Present the DCAS Product Set in a
                        Customer Sales Environment

      • 3.1   Describe the features of the DCAS product family
      • 3.2   Describe the components of a DCAS solution
      • 3.3   Describe the ACE appliance product set
      • 3.4   Describe the ACE service module
      • 3.5   Describe the ACE GSS
      • 3.6   Describe the CSS
      • 3.7   Describe the CSM
      • 3.8   Describe the ACE XML Gateway
      • 3.9   Describe the ANM
      • 3.10   Describe the WAAS product family
      • 3.11   Describe the ACE licensing models
      • 3.12   Position Cisco Load Balancing solutions in the data center
                   networking environment
      • 3.13   Describe the firewall load balancing solutions supported in
                   a Cisco Load Balancing environment
  • 16%     4.0   Describe the Features of the Cisco
                        Load Balancing Solutions

      • 4.1   Troubleshoot CIMC GUI and CLI remote access methods
      • 4.2   Using CLI/GUI Troubleshoot packet flow from server to the fabric
      • 4.3   Identify the steps that need to be perform on a rack standalone
                 prior to integration into the UCSM
      • 4.4   Describe the various methods to update the server BIOS/CIMC/
                 adapters/array controllers
      • 4.5   Troubleshoot OS driver issues
      • 4.6   Troubleshoot memory issues
      • 4.7   Troubleshoot boot issues
      • 4.8   Troubleshoot redundant paths
      • 4.9   Troubleshoot different adapters
      • 4.10   Describe the process for password recovery
  • 16%     5.0   Describe ACE Management and
                        Monitoring Capabilities

      • 5.1   Identify the applications used to manage the ACE module
      • 5.2   Describe the process of managing the virtual contexts
      • 5.3   Describe the capabilities and limitations of ACE management
      • 5.4   Describe provisioning of virtualization on ACE
      • 5.5   Describe provisioning of services on ACE
      • 5.6   Describe delegated operations of virtual and real servers on ACE
      • 5.7   Describe the monitoring of ACE
      • 5.8   Describe the similarities and differences between ANM and the
                 CE Appliance Device Manager
  • 16%     6.0   Describe the Features of the Cisco
                        Global Load Balancing Solution

      • 6.1   Identify appropriate Cisco GLB solutions
      • 6.2   Describe the Cisco GLB DNS process
      • 6.3   Describe the GSS deployment models
      • 6.4   Describe the CNR option for GSS
      • 6.5   Describe the protocols used by the GSS
      • 6.6   Describe management and monitoring of the GSS solution
      • 6.7   Identify the best GLB method to use in a particular environment
  •   6%     7.0   Describe the WAAS Solution

      • 7.1   Describe the roles for WAEs
      • 7.2   Describe WAAS interception methodologies
      • 7.3   Describe WAAS acceleration methodologies
      • 7.4   Describe the high level capabilities of Cisco WAAS management
                 and reporting
      • 7.5   Describe IOS features that provide prioritization and control in a
                 Cisco WAAS network
      • 7.6   Describe WAAS fan-out
      • 7.7   Describe wide area bandwidth allocation/provisioning from core
                 to edge
  •   5%     8.0   Design a Solution to Meet Customer

      • 8.1   Size a DCAS solution to meet a particular set of customer
      • 8.2   Design an ACE solution to meet customer requirements
      • 8.3   Design a WAAS solution to meet customer requirements
      • 8.4   Design an integrated ACE and WAAS solution to meet customer
      • 8.5   Design a firewall load balancing solution
      • 8.6   Plan the use of digital certificates
      • 8.7   Design a highly available overall data center network solution
                 based on Cisco Data Center 3.0
      • 8.8   Design a global load balancing solution to meet customer
  • The Designing Cisco Data Center Applications Services (DCASD) course is no longer offered.

    A variety of Cisco Press titles may be available for this exam. These titles can be purchased through the Cisco Marketplace Bookstore, directly from Cisco Press.

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