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Meet Christoph Neulinger,

Senior Network Engineer

"Try to learn from your failures. Making errors isn't a problem, if you learn from them."



CCNP Enteprise

Years of Experience

24 Years

Super Power


Fun Facts


In-line skating

Family time

Christoph's story

A discovered passion for hardware

I began my college education studying electrical engineering, with an emphasis on power systems engineering. However, once I discovered how much I enjoy working with computers, I set my sights on becoming a hardware developer.


Aachen, Germany

Keeping designs simple while meeting customer requirements

I still work at the same company where I began my career 24 years ago. In fact, I helped install our very first network! Network infrastructure was much simpler in those days. For example, I used to work with hubs that were far less complex the switches and routers we use today.

Today, my job focuses on designing networks for customers that meet their specific requirements. And although technology has changed immensely, this design principle stands the test of time: Keep the design simple and standardize as much as possible.

What are the benefits of becoming a Cisco Certification holder?

“Preparing for certification increased my knowledge and confidence, which ultimately translated to better work performance. As a result, I’ve received generous salary increases.”

Cisco certifications have helped me perform better at work, since I build network designs that use Cisco technologies. Earning certification also inspired me to share my knowledge with the broader Cisco community as a Cisco Gateway Cybersecurity Ambassador.

Knowledge builds confidence, both in yourself and from employers. For me, earning Cisco certification has expanded and validated my networking and security expertise. As a result, I’ve received generous salary increases.

What advice would you give a friend pursuing Cisco Certifications?

Cisco certifications don’t just make an impression during the hiring phase — they also give you leverage to negotiate a higher salary.

If you’re not a native English speaker, make sure you read through each exam question carefully. Sometimes the wording can be tricky to understand!

What would you tell your younger self?

“Prepare for change. Be ready to take chances.
When opportunities arise, challenge yourself to try something new.”

Christoph’s career journey

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