Cisco Technical Education

Reduce Your Training Costs

Cisco Technical Education offers over 14,000 virtual training modules.

Cisco Technical Education is an online e-learning portal that provides your network staff access to a variety of technical training modules. Including the same break-fix and new product introduction training used to train Cisco's internal technical support engineers, Cisco Technical Education offers over 14,000 training modules with content added weekly.

Cisco Technical Education benefits customers by:

  • Providing content coverage over a broad spectrum of Cisco platforms and technologies
  • Removing the need for travel and take time off work
  • On-demand, year-round access to training
  • Customer administration features such as monitoring student progress
  • Online access to Cisco equipment to perform self-directed, hands-on lab practice

If you would like additional information about Cisco Technical Education or would like to reach a Cisco sales representative, please email us.

Access to Cisco Technical Education is available on an annual subscription basis. Developed to meet the needs of customers who are unable to travel or take extensive time out of a busy work schedule, Cisco Technical Education provides just-in-time training with each module typically being no more than 20 minutes in length.

The technical training content within Cisco Technical Education has been organized into technology packages. This enables you to select one or more packages that best fits your staff's needs or choose the All Access Pass, which includes access to all training modules.

Technology Package


Train in Customized Labs

Create unique lab configurations based on your network.

Customers can purchase an all-access pass to all of the content in the Cisco Technical Education portal, or purchase access to one or more of the seven technology packages. Access is purchased on an individual basis, much like a software user license, and is active for 12 months.

Order Cisco Technical Education by contacting your Cisco sales representative or placing an order using the Cisco Service Contract Center (CSCC), the Cisco Commerce Workplace (CCW), or by redeeming Cisco Learning Credits.