Measure the Return on Your Training and Certification Investment

The value of a highly skilled, Cisco certified IT staff can never be underestimated.

Find out how Cisco certifications and training can help your organization reduce operating costs, increase sales, and increase customer satisfaction.

Metrics that Matter Post Training Results

Follow Up MTM Survey (Post Six Weeks) Cisco Data
Business Results Significantly Impacted
Increasing quality 58.47%
Decreasing costs 10.69%
Decreasing cycle time 36.62%
Increasing productivity 50.62%
Increasing sales 9.65%
Increasing customer satisfaction 33.13%
Level 5 Return on Investment
Costs(per person) 1000.00
Monetary Benefits(per person) 6280.00
Benefit to Cost Ratio 6.28
ROI Percentage 528.00%
Payback Period(months) 1.91

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