Cisco Business Learning Partner Training for Partners

Accelerate Growth and Revenue

Learn how Cisco Business Learning Partner courses can boost your business.

Accelerate Growth and Revenue

Become a Trusted Advisor to Your Customers

As a valued Cisco partner, you've already mastered the technology and techniques behind Cisco products and services. But today's customers are demanding business value and payback from every technology investment. Your sales teams need to have more than technical knowledge to close deals and grow the business.

You need the skills and insights to definitively prove to customers that their Cisco investment creates and sustains real business value. It means your sales managers need to become trusted business advisors and powerful communicators - not just product experts.

How Business Learning Partner Training Can Help

The Cisco Business Learning Partner (BLP) Program offers a full range of training courses specifically designed to build the business acumen of your sales and management teams. You'll get the skills and methods you need to break through sales barriers, take advantage of new opportunities, and clearly communicate a compelling Cisco value proposition.

Each course is Cisco-approved and delivered by certified Business Authorized Instructors (BAIs) from one of our pre-selected Business Learning Partners. Both virtual and classroom-based courses are available.