Supply Chain Institute

World-Class Supply-Chain Management Education

The rapid pace of innovation in today’s global economy makes continuous learning essential to success for supply-chain leaders. Supply-chain management (SCM) is a valuable tool for companies competing both locally and globally and is especially necessary for manufacturers wanting to deliver high-quality products at a competitive cost. The Cisco Supply Chain Leadership Institute offers a world-class SCM education program.

Cisco China Supply Chain Institute

Learning Excellence from a Supply-Chain Leader

As a leading provider of technology platforms worldwide, Cisco has emerged as a supply-chain leader. It has been in AMR Research’s Top 25 supply chains for the last two years and the precision that Cisco brings to its sales, operations planning, and execution processes is among the best in the world.

At Cisco, the “Customer Value Chain Management” structure combines quality and customer fulfillment with a traditional supply chain to provide customers with efficient, high-quality service. Above all, Cisco excels at making the supply chain strategic through all layers within the company. As a result, Cisco leads its supply-chain strategy actively from the top down and regards it as a vital component of its corporate vision.

Global, Operations-Focused Curriculum

The program has been designed leveraging knowledge and experience from academia and real-world supply chains. This condensed curriculum program will provide up-to-date information in such critical operational areas as:

  • New product development
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Logistics
  • Managing strong relationships across global supplier and partner networks

The Cisco Supply Chain Leadership Institute also offers a forum for building business relationships and exchanging ideas about best practices, strategies, and approaches to market and economic trends. Participants will also have the opportunity to network with professional peers to discuss key supply-chain issues including social responsibility, environmental sustainability, extending operations into emerging economies, and managing supply-chain risks.

Program Details

This program is directed at senior supply chain leaders who are looking for industry-leading concepts and best practice ideas on expanding and maximizing their supply chains.

  • Strategies, best practices, and systems used by the world's leading supply-chain organizations
  • Perspectives on achieving operational excellence, increasing customer satisfaction, and gaining competitive advantage
  • Opportunities to develop business relationships
  • A forum for exchanging ideas with other supply-chain leaders from across China, Asia, and other countries worldwide

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