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Cisco at EDUCAUSE 2022

Powering inclusive learning for all

October 25—28, 2022 | Denver, CO | Hybrid event | Booth #303

Join Cisco at EDUCAUSE 2022 in booth #303, and reimagine what’s possible for your institution with our secure, intelligent solutions.

A classroom is no longer a room—it’s wherever a student is. Through secure and flexible learning, Cisco securely connects your students, faculty, and administrators—no matter where they are.  

Whether you're a community college, research university, or higher education institution, count on Cisco to help you every step of the way. You need solutions that are simple to use, work together seamlessly, and are backed by world-class support. That’s why higher education institutions everywhere trust Cisco. 

Meet with a Cisco Subject Matter Expert at EDUCAUSE

No matter what goals you are trying to achieve, we can help build the bridge to get you there.
Meet with a Cisco Executive or Subject Matter Expert at EDUCAUSE to discuss your institution’s needs and learn about the leading technologies that can help you move education forward in times of change.

Contact your Cisco Account Representative directly to set up a meeting at EDUCAUSE.

Speaking sessions

Transforming Student Experiences Through Analytics and Applications

Wednesday, October 26 | 11:15 a.m.—12 p.m. MT

A student’s digital experience is now intrinsic to the whole university experience. This session discusses how the power of app integration, analytics, and real-time location information is key to transforming digital tools into success factors. This is necessary for modern colleges and universities to drive student success and ultimately increase retention and enrollment. Institutions are delivering a new level of closeness to their students’ digital lives using wayfinding, student information, and wireless analytics.

Cisco speaker:

  • Mike Witzman, Senior Systems Engineering Director

Hybrid and the Future Workforce: A Leadership Panel

Wednesday, October 26 | 12—1 p.m. MT | Meeting room: 105

Session description coming soon. 

Cisco speaker:

  • Gary DePreta, Area Vice President, U.S. Public Sector

It’s All About the LAG, Collegiate Esports Laying the Foundations

Wednesday, October 26 | 1—1:45 p.m. MT

UNC Greensboro opened its new Esport Facility in April 2022, after meticulously researching the best architecture and design to maximize the overall experience for all students and faculty. This session goes behind the scenes on how it's more than about the game, the look and feel, and the devices. The devil is really in the details and why you need to become fanatical about eliminating LAG.

Cisco speaker:

  • Neal Tilley, Cisco Education Advisor

Cisco customer and partner participants:

  • UNC Greensboro, Horizon

Integrated Threat Detection and Response: The Art of the Possible to Make Your Job Easier

Wednesday, October 26 | 2:15—3 p.m. MT

If you are a network defender, your job is probably tedious and difficult. Most higher education institutions have complex environments with multiple siloed security solutions. Attackers are increasingly sophisticated and are looking to exploit any weakness. And even normal traffic can look malicious. So, to protect the institution, you need to monitor endless security logs and multiple solution dashboards. Then, you must manually correlate the information across the environment before you can even start to take action to stop a threat. It’s no wonder we’re all tired and frustrated. But what if a single tool could look across multiple security solutions to extended visibility, analysis, and response across networks, clouds, apps, and endpoints and then allow you to take protective action if a threat is identified? This capability is called Extended Detection and Response (or XDR) and is available now. In this session, you’ll see how XDR has helped colleges and universities reduce response times from 2 days to 15 minutes and how you can use it to see and respond to threats quicker and easier. We’ll demonstrate Cisco’s solution, SecureX, to show you the Art of the Possible in threat detection and response and how you can use it to make your job less frustrating and more valuable to your institution.

Cisco speakers:

  • Peter Romness, Cybersecurity Principal, US Public Sector CTO Office
  • Don Bryant, Cybersecurity Architect

Hybrid and the Future Workforce

Thursday, October 27 | 10:15—11 a.m., 3—3:45 p.m. MT

Session description coming soon.

Cisco speaker:

  • Neal Tilley, Cisco Education Advisor

Zero Trust is a Hot Topic? Understand it and Use it to Achieve Your Institutions Goals Easier

Thursday, October 27 | 1—1:45 p.m. MT

Zero Trust is one of the hottest topics in cybersecurity. It is also one of the most used and often abused buzzwords in cybersecurity these days. But if you understand it, you don?t have to roll your eyes every time you hear it. This session will review the newly released article in the EDUCAUSE Review. We?ll give you a brief overview of why ZTA is needed and where it came from. Then we?ll cut through the hype and help you understand it based upon a simple definition from NIST SP800-207.

Cisco speaker:

  • Peter Romness, Cybersecurity Principal, US Public Sector CTO Office 

Cisco customer participants:

  • UNC Wilmington

CMMC: Where Are We Now? (Online session)

Wednesday, November 3 | 1:15—1:35 p.m. MT

Session description coming soon.

Cisco speaker:

  • Helen Patton, Advisory CISO, Security Business Group, Strategy

Cisco customer participants:

  • Arizona State University UC San Diego 


More information about Cisco demos at EDUCAUSE will be posted soon.

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