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Nothing but NetDevOps on TechWiseTV

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The network is one of the most critical elements in IT, yet it is seen as complex and fragile. Fear of network changes makes it impossible for networking teams to deliver the agility required for today's digital businesses.

That’s why IT departments around the world are adopting a NetDevOps mindset.

Join Cisco DevNet evangelist Hank Preston as he explains the rapidly growing trend that combines DevOps processes and the concept of continuous development with networking and infrastructure as code.

In this episode:

  • The NetDevOps pipeline and why you need one
  • What your users really want and how to deliver it
  • How monitoring will shift from a forensic tool to a proactive one for health and improvement 
  • Why network engineers need to become “full stack“ networkers
  • Where to go for free hands-on training and additional resources