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APIs Exposed on TechWiseTV

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Cisco’s DNA Center forms the heart of our intent-based network. In our rollout, we’ve opened up capabilities, workloads, and functionality of Cisco DNA Center to our developers, partners, and customers. 

In APIs Exposed, Cisco’s Saurav Prasad (@theSauravPrasad) describes the new and fine-tuned platform capabilities supported by Cisco DNA Center:

  • Intent APIs, to make networkwide changes that align with your business.
  • Integration APIs, to integrate the network with IT processes.
  • Events and notifications, to resolve issues.
  • Multivendor device support SDK, to discover and manage third-party devices directly through Cisco DNA Center.

And DevNet’s Adrian Iliesiu (@aidevnet) demonstrates how Cisco DNA Center templates can be used with APIs to automate host onboarding.