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Integrating Viptela SD-WAN onto Cisco IOS XE on TechWiseTV

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Cisco’s software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN), based on Viptela technology, is groundbreaking. Integrate it with Cisco IOS XE Software and suddenly the magic of intent-based networking is extended to the branch, WAN, and cloud.  

In Cisco SD-WAN on Cisco IOS XE, Cisco’s Ramesh Prabagaran (@ramsba), David Klebanov (@davidklebanov)  (both formerly with Viptela), and Jay Chokshi (@jayeshchokshi) show off some of the new capabilities this integration will deliver across Cisco’s entire enterprise routing portfolio—all with just a simple software image change:  

  • Administer the entire WAN from a central cloud-based dashboard.
  • Configure topologies and automate consistent policies with point-and-click ease.
  • Gain greater visibility, from a bird’s eye view of the entire network to deep packet inspection of every application on it.
  • Predict the impact that new policies, apps, or other changes will have on performance using real-time and historical network data.

SD-WAN Solution

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