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Encrypted Traffic Analytics: Detection without Decryption on TechWiseTV

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Nearly half of all malware hides in encrypted traffic. If you have devices running out-of-date encryption, you’re making it even easier for malware to hide.

In this episode, the TechWiseTV team is joined by Cisco’s TK Keanini and Sandeep Agrawal for a look at Cisco Encrypted Traffic Analytics. This new solution combines advanced machine-learning in Stealthwatch with Cisco innovations in flow monitoring and network telemetry to help you gain rich new insights into the nature of encrypted traffic without the need for decryption.

  • Determine how much of your digital business is encrypted versus in the clear
  • Discover devices with out-of-date and non-compliant encryption software that make it easier for malware to hide
  • Identify and isolate malicious traffic without decryption

Hands on Demonstration

Learn how easy it is to experience the value of Encrypted Traffic Analytics with a live walk-through from Cisco experts.