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Intelligent Threat Defense at the Network Edge on TechWiseTV

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You need your branch and remote offices to be agile and flexible. But you also need them to be as secure as your headquarters—if not more so. Watch this latest on-demand episode now to get an up-close look at:

  • The realities of branch office security: See why branches today must be more secure than ever before—and why backhauling everything through corporate may not be your smartest path to protection.
  • The good, better, and best options for branch security: Get an inside look at various deployments of the Cisco Integrated Services Router (ISR).
  • Two of the newest, most interesting security capabilities of the ISR: Go inside Cisco Umbrella Branch, a cloud-delivered security service, as well as Cisco Stealthwatch, a tool that provides anomaly detection and mitigation options at the network edge.

Learn how the right branch router can actually help defend your network from even the most advanced threats—with more speed and at less cost than you might believe.

Released: October 2016

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Network experts discuss faster incident response and device-level mitigation.