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Cisco Tetration: Redefining Analytics for Data Centers on TechWiseTV

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Many companies (maybe even yours) have tackled the challenge of building a secure zero-trust infrastructure for their applications with different tools. Many have managed to deliver bits and pieces, but nothing comprehensive, easy to use, or scalable to the dimensions required by today’s increasingly complex data center.

Now we invite you to see firsthand how the Cisco Tetration Analytics platform provides data center visibility at a level never before achieved, at a scale never before possible.

The experts at TechWiseTV will walk you through how Tetration Analytics uses software and hardware sensors—gathering one million events per second—to store up to a year's worth of data, analyze that data in seconds, and provide actionable insights in real time, through one simple interface.

Released: September 2016

See Use Cases and a Live Demo

Learn how your company can benefit from Cisco Tetration Analytics in our live workshop.