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Just as VXLAN overcame the limitations of the VLAN, the Cisco Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) control plane for VXLAN delivers a more scalable, standards-based alternative for IT leaders looking to build a highly efficient, multitenant data center.

In this episode, Robb Boyd and Cisco Principal Engineer Lukas Krattiger show you an exclusive, in-depth look at VXLAN with BGP and how it:

  • Allows multivendor interoperability, with a protocol based on industry standards
  • Enables control-plane learning of Layer-2 and Layer-3 information
  • Minimizes network flooding through protocol-based host MAC/IP route distribution
  • Provides optimal forwarding for east-west and north-south traffic

See and hear how the latest innovations can deliver a VXLAN overlay that supports segmentation, host mobility, and high scale.

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