TechWiseTV: Inside the Application Centric Infrastructure

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With the Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), Cisco is redefining the way businesses deploy, manage, and optimize their cloud, mobile, and big data applications on the network. Now get an exclusive, inside look at the solutions that make up the Application Centric Infrastructure-only from the networking experts at TechWiseTV.

In this information-packed episode, you'll see how the ACI provides a unique coupling of hardware and software to create a robust set of networking features. Through the use of hardware-aware overlays, programmable fabric, and an open ecosystem of APIs, learn how the Application Centric Infrastructure is built for the needs of both today’s workloads and tomorrow's changing demands.

Our team of networking all-stars will reveal the solutions integral to the Application Centric Infrastructure, including technical investigation of the ACI Fabric Mode Controller, the Cisco Nexus 9300 and 9500 Series platforms, Object-Oriented Code, and design and migration guidelines for 40G.

This is a rare opportunity to get an engineer's-eye-view into the technology that makes up this game-changing architecture. Join us and learn how the Application Centric Infrastructure goes beyond the software-defined network to help you and your IT team deliver applications at scale, with the level of availability, quality of service, and flexibility that your business demands.

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