CTT-TAC: BGP Path Selection


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Detailed Information

This module provides practical information on how BGP applies various configuration attributes to select certain routes. These six labs give you the opportunity to apply the path selection techniques you have learned in a simulated Cisco IOS network environment.


After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • Explain how BGP uses various configurable attributes to decide upon the best path to a destination
  • Identify and explain how the weight attribute is used for a best path selection process
  • Describe the local preference attribute and how it is used within the AS
  • Explain how the MED attribute influences an AS as to how to choose to reach a certain route
  • Differentiate between local preference attribute and Multi-Exit Discriminator (MED) attribute
  • Identify and describe the origin attribute and how it defines the origin of the path information
  • List and define the three values for the origin attribute
  • Illustrate how the community attribute is a way to group destinations in a certain community and how it applies routing decisions according to those communities
  • Describe the AS-PATH attribute and explain what this list of AS numbers actually is
  • Recognize the BGP nexthop attribute and demonstrate how it is used to reach a certain destination


  • Weight Attribute
  • Local Preference Attribute
  • Multi-exit Discriminator (MED)
  • Origin Attribute
  • Community Attribute
  • AS-PATH Attribute