This document describes the new features, enhancements, fixed bugs, open bugs, and related documentation for Cisco DNA (Digital Network Architecture) Spaces Release September, 2019. Use this document in conjunction with the documents listed in the Related Documents section.

Introduction to Cisco DNA Spaces

Cisco DNA Spaces is a multichannel engagement platform that enables you to connect and engage with visitors at your physical business locations. It covers various verticals of business such as retail, manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, education, financial services, and so on. Cisco DNA Spaces also provides solutions for monitoring and managing assets in your premises. Cisco DNA Spaces offers a variety of toolkits, apps, and APIs to turn these insights into action.

The following are the major features of this release:

  • Support for Meraki network synchronization using Meraki Service account.

  • OpenRoaming app that enables mobile users to automatically and seamlessly roam across Wi-Fi and Mobile networks.

  • For Brazil, Area Code validation for phone number entered in Data Capture form, and the phone number specified for Soft or Hard SMS authentication (runtime).

  • Provision to auto format the numeric value entered in the CPF field of the Data Capture form (runtime).

  • Support to capture data from Enterprise Captive Portals (runtime).

New Features - September 2019

Cisco DNA Spaces Dashboard

The following new features are added to the Cisco DNA Spaces dashboard:

Service Account Workflow for Meraki

The details of Meraki network such as organization, networks, APs and so on will now be fetched to Cisco DNA Spaces using a Meraki Service account. Previously, Meraki customer account was used for fetching Meraki details, and for network synchronization thereafter.

To avail this support, customers using Cisco Meraki network must invite the Meraki service account from their Meraki customer account. You can invite the Meraki Service account using the Organization > Administrators > Add Admin option in the Cisco Meraki dashboard for the filtered Organization. You can contact the Cisco DNA Spaces support team for the e-mail ID of Meraki Service account.

However, to connect Cisco DNA Spaces to Cisco Meraki, you must still use your Meraki customer account. The customer's Meraki account is used for importing the networks into location hierarchy, for which the user has access to. The service account is used for background network synchronization to keep the Location Hierarchy up-to-date.

OpenRoaming App

The OpenRoaming app is now available for the customers who have opted for it.

The OpenRoaming app enables you to allow the mobile users to automatically and seamlessly roam across Wi-Fi and Mobile networks. The Identity Provider (IDP) will identify and authenticate the Wi-Fi users through the integration mechanism defined by the customer, and share the profile details of the users with the Cisco DNA Spaces OpenRoaming platform.

Openroaming supports both Cisco AireOS and Cisco Meraki networks. For both networks, you must use a Cisco DNA Spaces Connector for utilizing this app. To enable OpenRoaming, you must contact the Cisco DNA Spaces support team.

The Open Roaming app provides various reports based on the data it collected. The details such as total number of devices connected to the OpenRoaming enabled network, the internet traffic (data exchange occurred through the network), total number of connections, average visit duration, Unique Devices chart, Devices by IDP, Monthly Internet Traffic (Data Exchange on the network during the particular month), Daily Average Visit Duration, and Data used per Customer (these can be filtered for a specific time duration such as daily, weekly, monthly or a custom duration) are displayed in the report.

Enhancements - September 2019

Cisco DNA Spaces Runtime

The following changes are made to Cisco DNA Spaces Runtime:

Brazil Area Code Validation

The Phone number validation for the Brazil is now enhanced to include area code validation. Phone number with dial code "+55" must be followed by any of the area code for Brazil. Only valid area codes are accepted. For example, +5500xxxxxxx is invalid as 00 is not a valid area code. This validation is applicable for mobile numbers captured anywhere in the captive portal.

CPF Field Masking

In the Data Capture form, the CPF field is now enhanced to convert the value entered in it to the "000.000.000-00" format. The number will be formatted automatically as the user enters the CPF number value. So now the captive portal users do not have to add dots or hyphen manually to maintain the required format.

Enterprise Portal Data Exchange

The captive portal runtime now supports data exchange between the enterprise captive portals and Cisco DNA Spaces. This allows the customers to have their own enterprise captive portal, and store the data it collects with Cisco DNA Spaces. This enables the customer to provide personalized experiences to their end users.


Fixed Bugs

Table 1. Fixed Bugs




Unable to view Token for WLC Direct widget for Base subscription accounts.


User is not able to change the password when the password is going to expire.


Connector container upgrade doses not work from qa-dnaspaces cloud.


Connector status displayed on Cisco DNA Spaces cloud does not match the Connector UI status.


API server - Event details were missing for new floor added to existing activation.


Connection terminated while editing any one app, where more than one app activated to same location.


Visitor count is not proper when SSID info is not received during visit start and received later.

Open Bugs

Table 2. Open Bugs




Unable to login to dashboard , throws type error Upper case is not function


LIVE - Unable to get the URL option for Webex teams and email option in engagement rule.


RBAC - Unable to create controller using V3 SNMP version "Failed to create controller"


RBAC - Admin users who has access to specific locations was not able to login to dashboard.


Unable to launch the dashboard when ad blockers are enabled.


Portal - On copying a portal with the asset, Asset is not added in the newly created portal.


Setup Widget Import Controllers Count is wrong for Spaces Connector.


RBAC-If the token is expired,On clicks activation link it throws "Failed to get activate the user"


RBAC - While login ACM user, First it's redirected to CP and then ACM page is displayed.


Right Now - On modifying location hirearchy, existing associated counters not cleared.


Location Analytics- Dwell time range % is overlapping in Dwell time break down chart when dwell time values are lesser

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