This document describes the new features, enhancements, fixed bugs, open bugs, and related documentation for Cisco DNA (Digital Network Architecture) Spaces Release October, 2019. Use this document in conjunction with the documents listed in the Related Documents section.

Introduction to Cisco DNA Spaces

Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) Spaces is a location platform that leverages existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to give you actionable insights and drive business outcomes. It is a multichannel engagement platform that enables you to connect and engage with visitors at your physical business locations. It covers various verticals of business such as retail, manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, education, financial services, and so on. Cisco DNA Spaces also provides solutions for monitoring and managing assets in your premises. Cisco DNA Spaces offers a variety of toolkits, apps, and APIs to turn these insights into action.

The following are the major features of this release:

  • Cisco DNA Spaces dashboard menu is collapsed by default.

  • Support to capture all public user information through social authentication (runtime).

  • In Behavior metrics, enhanced the metrics computation for the Workspaces vertical to display more accurate employee and visitor counts.

  • A new support icon is added to the Cisco DNA Spaces dashboard with links to Cisco DNA Spaces support, and removed the existing Chat option.

  • Partners Apps are now available in Cisco DNA Spaces dashboard.

  • Enhanced the Client ID field for partner apps to make it editable by partner.

New Features - October 2019

Cisco DNA Spaces Dashboard

The following new features are added to the Cisco DNA Spaces dashboard:

Dashboard Display Changes

The Cisco DNA Spaces dashboard is modifed to display its menu only when the user opts for it. After log in, the dashboard now displays a single pane with Digitization Status and Apps. A three-line menu icon is displayed at the top-left of the Cisco DNA Spaces dashboard using which you can access the Cisco DNA Spaces menu. After selecting a menu item, the menu will be hidden, and only the window corresponding to the selected menu item is displayed. Previously, the menu was displayed always in a separate pane in the left side of the dashboard.

Partner Apps

The partner apps that are integrated with Cisco DNA Spaces Partner dashboard will now be available in Cisco DNA Spaces dashboard. The Apps can be accessed from Extended Partner Apps available under the title, Extend. The apps will be displayed based on the order ID assigned to them internally. You can download and use the app with the approval of the partner who owns the app.

Cisco DNA Spaces Support Icon

A new Cisco DNA Spaces Support icon that provides links to Cisco DNA Spaces documentation and support is now available at the top-right of the Cisco DNA Spaces dashboard. When you click this icon, you can see the following menu items:

  • Help Center: Links to the Cisco DNA Spaces articles.

  • Documentation: Links to the Cisco DNA Spaces documentation in

  • Support: Links to the Cisco DNA Spaces support page. This support page contains phone number and e-mail address to reach out the Cisco DNA Spaces support team. It also has provision to raise TAC tickets.

The chat icon that was displayed at the bottom-right of the Cisco DNA Spaces dashboard is now removed. You can use the above TAC support links for any further communication to the Cisco DNA Spaces support team.

Enhancements - October 2019

Cisco DNA Spaces Dashboard

The following changes are made to the Cisco DNA Spaces dashboard:

Partners Dashboard

The Cisco DNA Spaces Partner dashboard is enhanced to make the Client ID field on the App Title tab editable by partners. Previously, it was not editable and was set as "DNASpaces".

Behavior Metrics

The algorithm for computing behaviour metrics for the Workspaces vertical is enhanced. Now the employee / guest identification depends on the SSID to which the user's device is connected to. The guest SSIDs have to be configured in Cisco DNA Spaces. Currently there is no dashboard support for configuring guest SSIDs. For configuring guest SSIDs, contact the Cisco DNA Spaces support team.

Cisco DNA Spaces Runtime

The following changes are made to Cisco DNA Spaces Runtime:

Social Authentication

Cisco DNA Spaces runtime is now enhanced to capture additional details of users during internet authentication through the social networks, Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In. Including the additional details, the information that will be captured for each social network is given in the following table:

Table 1. User Information Captured for Various Social Networks


Linked In


First Name

First Name


Last Name

Last Name

Scrteen Name

Middle Name

Profile Picture

Friends Count

Short Name


Followers Count

Name Format

Profile Image URL

Profile Picture

Profile Banner URL



Status Count


Profile Verified

UTC Offset

Time Zone

Geo Enabled


The information captured is made available through firehose events.


Fixed Bugs

Table 2. Fixed Bugs




Generic - CMX Manual Upload - User is able to view the MSE text in the sample curl command


Generic Issue - User is not allowed to copy any text in the location hierarchy page


RBAC - While login ACM user, First it's redirected to CP and then ACM page is displayed


RBAC-If the token is expired,On clicks activation link it throws "Failed to get activate the user".


Portal - On copying a portal with the asset, Asset is not added in the newly created portal.


Setup Page - Read only user is able to create a new token for spaces connector in Edge browser


Setup Widget Import Controllers Count is wrong for Spaces Connector.


LIVE - Unable to get the URL option for Webex teams and email option in engagement rule


Data Capture - Mobile Number default country code dropdown shows different country name


Unable to launch the dashboard when ad blockers are enabled.


Unable to login to dashboard , throws type error Upper case is not function.

Open Bugs

Table 3. Open Bugs




RBAC - Unable to create controller using V3 SNMP version "Failed to create controller"


RBAC - Admin users who has access to specific locations was not able to login to dashboard.


Right Now - On modifying location hirearchy, existing associated counters not cleared.


Location Analytics- Dwell time range % is overlapping in Dwell time break down chart when dwell time values are lesser

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