This document describes the new features, enhancements, fixed bugs, open bugs, and related documentation for Cisco DNA (Digital Network Architecture) Spaces Release November, 2019. Use this document in conjunction with the documents listed in the Related Documents section.

Introduction to Cisco DNA Spaces

Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) Spaces is a location platform that leverages existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to give you actionable insights and drive business outcomes. It is a multichannel engagement platform that enables you to connect and engage with visitors at your physical business locations. It covers various verticals of business such as retail, manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, education, financial services, and so on. Cisco DNA Spaces also provides solutions for monitoring and managing assets in your premises. Cisco DNA Spaces offers a variety of toolkits, apps, and APIs to turn these insights into action.

The following are the major features of this release:

  • New app Impact Analysis to measure the impact of an event based on before and after analytics.

  • The Monitoring & Support section now shows the health and uptime of all the partner apps..

  • Enhanced the Partner dashboard to display Sign up and Onboarding window as the first window in the Activation wizard.

  • Provision to download the Terms and Conditions for the app from the Activation wizard.

  • Added two new Firehose API events in the Partner dashboard, and decprecated two existing events.

  • New text field in the Partner dashboard to add Sign Up URL.

  • Support to display total number of app activation for a partner in the Partner dashboard.

  • Network Synchronization support for Meraki floors when connected using Meraki API key.

  • In Behavior Metrics, instead of displaying "locations" and "visitors", the sub vertical specific terms are displayed.

  • Enabled Support to add custom variables in Engagement Rule for Trigger API.

  • In Partner dashboard, enabled the validation of the OAuth Base URL field, and added a note to include only https protocol in the URL.

New Features - November 2019

Cisco DNA Spaces Dashboard

The following new features are added to the Cisco DNA Spaces dashboard:

Impact Analysis

A new app Impact Analysis is now available in Cisco DNA Spaces dashboard. Impact Analysis is a way of measuring the effect of any action you made based on before and after analytics. You can see the impact of events and changes to your business location on your behavior metrics.

This helps you to analyze the metrics in a location during a particular period, and compare it with daily average in last 365 days or with the same period in the previous year. This app will be available for SEE, ACT, and Extend license types.

You can create an event with a particular time period, and can compare the metrics during the period of the event with the metrics of :

  • Daily Average during Past 365 days

  • Same period last year.

You can compare the following metrics:

  • Visit duration

  • Visit Count

The report displays the comparison report. The report will have the following data:

  • Impact on Visit Duration: Displays a bar chart with the average visit duration for the event, and the average visit duration for the selected time window, in minutes.

  • Impact on Visit Count: Displays a bar chart with the average visit count for the event and the average visit count for the selected time window, in percentage.

For example, you can define an event with From date as 10-1-2019, To date as 10-10- 2019, and Business Location as B. Choose Same period last year for comparing. You will get a report showing the performance in location B during 1st and 10th of October 2019 along with the performance in location B during 1st and 10th of October 2018.

Monitoring & Support

The Monitoring & Support section now displays the health of the partner apps the customer has activated. In the Monitoring tab, a new section, Partner Apps is now available that displays the uptime and health status of all the apps the customer has activated. The overall status of partner apps is shown in the Summary section.

App Activation Flow

For partner apps, the first window in the App Activation wizard will now be Sign up and Onboarding.

In the Sign up and Onboarding window, if you select "I dont have an account with <partner name>, and would like to sign up for an account", a Sign Up button appears in the window. The Sign Up button will be redirected to Sign Up URL configured for the app in the Partner dashboard. The Sign Up button appears only if the partner has configured the Sign Up URL field in the App Title tab in the Partner dashboard.

App Activation Terms

For partner apps, in the Accept Terms & Conditions window of the Activation wizard, a link will be available to download the Terms and Conditions . You can download the Terms and Conditions in the Text format.

Partner dashboard

The following new features are added to Cisco DNA Spaces Partner dashboard:

  • Event Types: Two new Fire Hose API events , Device Presence and User Presence are newly added for partner apps. The events Device Active and Device Passive are deprecated.

  • Sign Up URL Field: In the App Title tab for an app, a new field Sign Up URL is added to specify the URL to which the customer will be redirected after clicking the Sign Up button during activation.

  • Total Count of Activated Apps: When a partner logs in to the Partner dashboard, the total number of activations happened for all of the apps of the particular partner is displayed at the top-right of the dashboard.

Network Sync Server

Network Sync Server now supports synchronization for the Meraki floors when Cisco DNA Spaces is connected to the Meraki Network using a Meraki API Key. So, now the floors are imported to the location hierarchy, and are synched with Cisco Meraki by the network sync server. Previously, if connected using Meraki API Key, floors were not imported and syncronization was not happening.

Enhancements - November 2019

Cisco DNA Spaces Dashboard

The following changes are made to the Cisco DNA Spaces dashboard:

Behavior Metrics

In Behavior Metrics report, for the Retail vertical, the terms for Visitors and Location in descriptions can be changed based on the sub vertical of your business. Suggested text for various sub verticals will be as shown in the following table:

Table 1. Text for Various Sub Verticals







Financial Retail

Auto Retail

Default/ All Others



















However, the suggested sub vertical terms will be used only on request basis. You can contact the Cisco DNA Spaces support team if you want to avail this feature.

Custom Variable Support for Trigger API

In the Engagements Rule, for Trigger API, you can now define custom variables for the methods, GET, POST FORM, POST BODY, and POST JSON. When you click on a variable field for a method, a Custom Variable button is displayed along with the pre-defined variables. For the POST BODY method, currently there is no custom variable support for POST BODY DATA field, but it is expected in the upcoming releases. However, the URI field will not have custom variable support.

Validation of App Dashboard URL

In the Partner dashboard, in the App Title tab for the apps, a note is added in the OAuth Base URL field asking only to include https protocol in URLs. In addition, the Partner dashboard is enhanced to validate this URL during saving, and to display an error message if the validation failed or the URL is not a secure one (HTTPS).


Fixed Bugs

Table 2. Fixed Bugs




Date/day is wrong in Cisco DNA Spaces report.


RBAC - Unable to create controller using V3 SNMP version "Failed to create controller"


Not able to find current session . please login again error displayed in live dashboard.


Meraki API Key - Wireless Network status was not displayed as connected after authenticating Meraki.


CMX Tethering - Only one Floor is getting added and rest all got cleared and not imported


All locations - No validation message displayed on renaming same location name.


Rules - Success message is not displayed if user selects "seamlessly provision internet" option.

Open Bugs

Table 3. Open Bugs




RBAC - Admin users who has access to specific locations was not able to login to dashboard.


Right Now - On modifying location hirearchy, existing associated counters not cleared.


Location Analytics- Dwell time range % is overlapping in Dwell time break down chart when dwell time values are lesser


Engagement rule link template no validation available for Link , accept plain text as well.


Renaming any portal name with existing portal name error message is not correct.


Activation page keeps on loading when wrong password is entered during activation.


Search and rename the searched location displayed html tags on rename text box.


On clicking captive portal tile, observed blank page for few sec while loading the portal list page .


SSID - Not able to delete the Meraki's SSID, if network name has starting with the space..

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