Cisco BTS 10200 Softswitch

Using Feature Guides, Release 6.0.x

Provisioning Protocol-Specific Interfaces

Cisco BTS 10200 Softswitch - Release 6.0.x


Using the Feature Guides

For each BTS 10200 release, there are two types of documents listed on the Feature Guides page.

1. There are two major documents:

  • Network and Subscriber Feature Descriptions - A detailed description of the telephony features (network and subscriber features) provided by the BTS 10200. It includes a description of the behavior of each feature from the end-user perspective, and the effect of provisionable options on the feature behavior.
  • System Description - An overview of the components, functions, and signaling protocols provided by the BTS 10200.

2. There are a number of shorter documents called feature modules. Each feature module describes a newly introduced feature, and (as applicable) explains how to provision, operate, and troubleshoot it. After the content of a feature module is incorporated into one or more of the main documents, the feature module is replaced with links to the location(s) in the main document set to which the information has been moved.

Note: Feature modules are generally not updated after they are published to this web site. Instead, updates and corrections are made in the appropriate locations in the main documents.


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