Cisco BTS 10200 Softswitch

Protocols, Release 6.0.x

Provisioning Protocol-Specific Interfaces

Cisco BTS 10200 Softswitch - Release 6.0.x



Select the applicable protocol provisioning procedure(s) from the list below.

Provisioning SIGTRAN/SS7 Signaling Interfaces

Provisioning ISDN Signaling Interfaces

Provisioning CAS Signaling Interfaces

Provisioning PacketCable Signaling Interfaces

Provisioning SIP Signaling Interfaces

Provisioning H.323 Signaling Interfaces

References and Supplemental Provisioning Guides

Select the reference documents and supplemental guides for your specific requirements.


SIGTRAN/SS7 Guide - Describes various configurations and combinations of the Cisco BTS 10200 Softswitch and the Cisco ITP that are built on top of the basic Shared Point Code and Mated STP-Pair configurations.


ISDN Guide - Descriptions of ISDN functionality, ISDN provisioning options, and ISDN troubleshooting.

Admission Reject Cause Code Mapping - If the Cisco BTS 10200 Softswitch receives an admission reject (ARJ) when placing an H.323 call, the ARJ maps the cause code received from the H.323 gatekeeper to the standard ISDN cause code.


PacketCable Guide - This document describes support for the PacketCable DQoS, event message (EM), and security features. It also provides provisioning procedures for these features, along with procedures for managing EM files (storing and transferring).


SIP Guide - Describes support for SIP devices (Cisco ATA 186/188 adaptors and Cisco IP phones), SIP trunks, and SIP subscribers. It also provides the procedures necessary to provision these features.

SIP Name Dialing - This document describes the SIP Name Di aling feature. SIP Name Di aling enables the BTS 10200 to support SIP clients to dial users based on name, in addition to telephone number.

SIP Response Code 302 - Describes the 302 response code and provides provisioning steps to incorporate call redirection and SIP 302 support.

SIP Server Groups - This feature eliminates the need for the SIP interface to perform DNS lookups for call processing.

SIP Triggers - Describes the SIP Triggers feature, as well as provides applicable feature interaction and cause code information.

SIP Cause Code Mapping - Maps SIP response codes to standard cause codes.

Reference Documents

Important reference material on provisioning commands and system features.

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