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Cisco BTS 10200 Softswitch - Release 5.0.x


Select a link from the list below to find task-oriented procedures and other information you need to set up and use the HTTP Feature Server.

HTTP Feature Server (HTTP-FS) General Description:

HTTP-FS Technical Overview - The HTTP-FS is an optional component of the Cisco BTS 10200 Softswitch. The HTTP-FS is composed of two subcomponents, the GUI Feature Server (GUI-FS) and the Mini-Browser Adapter (MBA).

Diagram Showing the HTTP-FS Place in the Architecture of the Cisco BTS 10200 Softswitch - This diagram shows both the GUI-FS and MBA subcomponents of the HTTP-FS component.

Diagram Showing the MBA in the Internal Network of the Cisco BTS 10200 Softswitch - This diagram shows how the IP ports on the MBA connect to the Catalyst Ethernet switches in the Cisco BTS 10200 Softswitch internal network.

Procedures for Setting Up the HTTP-FS:

Hardware and Software Requirements for Using the HTTP-FS - Specification for the hardware and operating system required for the MBA. See the "Optional Component (Hardware and Software)" subsection.

Cabling the MBA - The MBA requires two connections (one signaling connection and one management connection) to the Catalyst Ethernet switch. Attach the cables according to “Appendix A: Cable List” in the Cabling, VLAN, and IRDP Setup Procedure.

Installing MBA Software - The MBA software is included in the software package supplied with your Cisco BTS 10200 Softswitch. Install this software according to the “Installing the Mini-Browser Adaptor (MBA) Application on another machine” section in the Application Installation Procedure.

Enabling SIP-Phone Services - Procedure for enabling SIP-phone services via interfaces on the GUI-FS, MBA, and SIP phone.

Additional HTTP-FS Resources:

HTTP-FEATURE-SERVER Table - HTTP-FEATURE-SERVER table in the CLI Guide - Chapter 11.

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