Cisco TelePresence MCU 4200 Series

Error message 'image unsuitable for platform' received on upgrade

I attempted to upgrade a Cisco TelePresence MCU and got the error 'image unsuitable for platform'. What has gone wrong?

There are two things to check if this error occurs:

  1. Did you unzip the file before installing it?
  2. Are you installing the correct image?

Note: There are separate files for the MSE 8510, MCU 4500 and MCU 4200 units. The MSE 8420 takes the same software as the MCU 4200.

This article applies to the following products:

  • Cisco TelePresence MCU 4200 / MSE 8420
  • Cisco TelePresence MCU 4500
  • Cisco TelePresence MSE 8510 blade

May 3rd, 2011 TAA_KB_191