Cisco TelePresence IP VCR Series

Video drops during a call between a Polycom MGC and an MCU/IP VCR

Why is video sometimes dropped between a Polycom MGC and a IP VCR or MCU during a call?

If you have both H.263 and H.264 enabled on the MCU or IP VCR - and Video transmit size optimization set to Dynamic codec and resolution - when the MCU or IP VCR attempts to change codec this causes the Polycom MGC to drop video and report a connection state of secondary.

To resolve this problem, on the MCU go to Settings > Connections and on the IP VCR go to Settings > Connections, then set Video transmit size optimization to Dynamic resolution only.

This article applies to the following products:

  • Cisco TelePresence IP VCR 2200 / MSE VCR blade
  • Cisco TelePresence MCU 4200 / MSE 8420
  • Cisco TelePresence MCU 4500
  • Cisco TelePresence MSE 8510 blade

April 13th, 2011 TAA_KB_51