Cisco Cloud Services Platform Release Notes

This document describes the features and limitations for the Cisco Cloud Services Platforms 2100 and 5000, Release 2.4.2.

Supported Cisco Networking Services

Cisco CSP can host any Cisco or third-party VNF that is supported on KVM hypervisor. Some of the Cisco VNFs available include the following:

  • Cisco Cloud Services Router (CSR) 1000V virtual router

  • Cisco IOS® XRv 9000 Router

  • Cisco Adaptive Security Virtual Appliance (ASAv)

  • Cisco Firepower™ NGFW Virtual

  • Cisco Prime® Virtual Network Analysis Module (vNAM)

  • Cisco Virtual Wide Area Application Services (vWAAS)

  • Cisco Web Security Virtual Appliance (WSAv)

  • Cisco Virtual Security Gateway (VSG) for Cisco Nexus® 1000V Series Switch deployments

  • Cisco Virtual Supervisor Module (VSM) for Cisco Nexus 1000V Series Switch deployments

  • Cisco Data Center Network Manager (DCNM)

Resolved Bugs

This is a patch release. It includes the entire 2.4.1 content and the fixes for the following bugs.

Bug Id



Occasional VIM driver error results due to CSP maintaining existing copies of VMs in shutdown.


CSP device is not reachable due to soft lock up


Configuration support to enable disk cache mode from the back end.


CSP GUI failed to login with credentials while ssh works.


Factory reset is broken on a DPDK enabled box


Configuration support to enable disk cache mode from the front end.


Ability to add a RNG device for ISE VM.


Driver upgrade for fortville and niantic.


Support XXV710 (Intel 25G NIC support) and LLDP support on all 710 family NICS


The data port channels on CSP were in invalid state although all PNICs in them are up.

For more information, see Cloud Services Platform 2.4.1 product documentaion.

Network Interface Card Driver Compatibility

This release includes the following NICs Physical function (PF) drivers. See VNF documentations for more information about compatibility between the Virtual function (VF) driver included in VNF and the NICs PF drivers.

  • Ixgbe PF driver version: 5.6.1

  • I40e PF driver version: 2.9.21

Important Notes

  • Ensure that you upgrade to the latest Cisco UCS firmware available on CCO. The minimum required version being 4.02f.

  • The Delete Cluster button on toolbar enables deleting cluster configuration along with all members of a cluster.

Access CSP Bugs

About the Cisco Bug Search Tool

Use the Cisco Bug Search Tool to access open and resolved bugs for a release.

The tool allows you to search for a specific bug ID, or for all bugs specific to a product and a release.

You can filter the search results by last modified date, bug status (open, resolved), severity, rating, and support cases.


For the Product drop-down list, choose either Cisco Cloud Services Platform 2100 or Cisco Cloud Services Platform 5000.

Known Behavior

  • Management interfaces cannot be configured as passthrough interfaces.

  • Only local admin users have the functionality to autocopy images in repositories across the Cisco CSP nodes in a cluster. This functionality is not available for the TACACS+ or RADIUS admin users.

  • Only local users can log in to Cisco CSP using CIMC console. Remote TACACS+ users cannot log in to Cisco CSP by using CIMC console.

  • Only the vNIC e1000 model is supported with Cisco VSM and Cisco VSG services.

  • Only ISO image files are supported with Cisco VSM and Cisco VSG services.

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