New and Enhanced Software Features for Cisco IOS XE Bengaluru 17.4.X

  • NBAR Support on the EVC Service Instance—- To classify the data packets, enable NBAR FIA-trace data for NBAR on the EFP interface. Quality of service (QoS) takes action on the output interface based on the NBAR traffic classification result..

  • EVPN Over MPLS with Distributed Anycast Gateways—- Distributed anycast gateway (DAG) is a default gateway addressing mechanism in a BGP EVPN fabric. This feature enables the use of same gateway IP and MAC address across all the devices in an EVPN over MPLS network. This ensures that every device functions as the default gateway for the workloads directly connected to it. Additionally, it also, facilitates flexible workload placement, host mobility, and optimal traffic forwarding across the BGP EVPN fabric..

  • Configure Performance Measurement—- This feature enables hardware timestamping. The Performance Measurement (PM) for link delay uses the light version of Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol (TWAMP) over IP and UDP.

  • Link Aggregation Group compatibility with Service Group —- QOS policy is now extended on L2VPN, L3VPN and service-group together on port-channel interface.

  • Show commands for troubleshooting —- The following command are added for troubleshooting CPU and memory usage:
    • show processes cpu

    • show processes memory

    • show avc sd-service info summary

    • show avc sd-service info detailed | inc DCS

    • show processes cpu

    • show processes memory

    • show version

  • Micro BFD Support with LACP—- Micro-BFD, which is supported for the physical member-links within a port-channel is now configured to receive BFD events and to create BFD sessions per member-link. The member-links can now receive BFD events after you enable Micro-BFD for the port-channel member-links.

  • Configuring Smart Licensing using Web UI—- You can use the Web UI to configure Smart Licensing on Cisco ASR 1000 platforms. For more information, see Web UI Online Help.

  • Configuring the Same Global Address for Static NAT and PAT—- You can now configure the same global address within static NAT and static PAT. This configuration is supported only on outside static NAT.

  • BGP Large Community—- The BGP large communities support a routing policy to control the distribution of routing information. The BGP large communities attribute provides the capability of tagging routes and modifying BGP routing policy on the device. BGP large communities can be appended or removed selectively on the large community attribute as the route travels from device to device.

  • Configuring Stateless Static NAT—- Static Network Address Translation (NAT) allows the user to configure one-to-one translations of the inside local addresses to the outside global addresses. A new keyword stateless is introduced for Cisco IOS XE static NAT configuration and it applies only to static NAT command. When the static mapping is set to stateless, no sessions will be created for that traffic flow.

  • Breakout cable support for C8500-12X4QC —- Breakout support for a port helps to split a higher density port to multiple independent and logical. Breakout support is introduced in Bay 2 of C8500-12X4QC to support 40G native ports. The breakout support is of 4X10G and uses a 3-tuple approach. This feature is only supported in the autonomous mode.

Resolved and Open Bugs for Cisco IOS XE Bengaluru 17.4

Open Bugs for Cisco IOS XE Bengaluru 17.4

Caveat ID Number



%PARSER-5-HIDDEN: Warning!!! ' resume server /connect telnet server' is a hidden command.

Resolved Bugs for Cisco IOS XE Bengaluru 17.4

Caveat ID Number



ASR1002-X ESP crash in multikey_hash_ager_tw_timer_to()


ASR1001-X: 'show environment' is no longer monitoring R0 voltage sensors


ESPx : CMAN-FP process crash for get_fpga_version API fails


MIP100 - Continous %SCOOBY-5-SERIAL_BRIDGE_BLOCK_EVENT flooding on the console


RP3/ESP100/X: Traffic loss of over 1s at FP switchover (plain ipv4)


ASR1001x:SDWAN Default Throughput is not Scaling to Max supported


ESP40 crashed with performance monitor profile application-performance and traffic monitor all ipv6


C8500-12X4QC: With router reload Breakout 10g port Te0/2/1 is down due to remote fault.


Crash due to a NULL pointer while bringing down PPPoE sessions.


C8500-12X4QC: IQDFZ profile degraded by 8% after BLD_POLARIS_DEV_LATEST_20200801_051231


pktlog functionality is broken