This document describes the bugs resolved in Cisco WAN Automation Engine (Cisco WAE) Release 7.1.3 Patch 1.

Cisco WAN Automation Engine (WAE) provides the tools to create and maintain a model of the current network through the continual monitoring and analysis of the network and the traffic demands that are placed on it. This network model contains all relevant information about a network at a given time, including topology, configuration, and traffic information. You can use this information as a basis for analyzing the impact on the network due to changes in traffic demands, paths, node and link failures, network optimizations, or other changes.

The Cisco WAE platform is an open, programmable framework that interconnects software modules, communicates with the network, and provides APIs to interface with external applications.

This document contains the following topics:

Upgrade from Cisco WAE 7.1.3

This procedure outlines the steps necessary to upgrade from Cisco WAE 7.1.3:

Before you begin

Make sure Cisco WAE 7.1.3 is installed before applying the patch.


Step 1

Stop WAE services using supervisor.

supervisorctl stop wae:*
Step 2

Change permission of the install file using the command:

chmod 755 wae-v7.1.3-patch1-linux.bin
Step 3

Install Cisco WAE 7.1.3 Patch 1 using the following command:

# ./wae-v7.1.3-patch1-linux.bin  [-i WAE_INSTALL_DIR] [-r WAE_RUN_DIR] [-b BACKUP_DIR]


WAE_INSTALL_DIR is the WAE install directory path.

WAE_RUN_DIR is the run directory path.

BACKUP_DIR is the backup directory to use when creating the patch.

Step 4

Start WAE services using supervisor:

supervisorctl start wae:*
Step 5

Confirm that all WAE services are running:

supervisorctl status
Step 6

On the WAE CLI, run:

admin@wae# packages reload

After installation of the patch, use the new version of Cisco WAE Design (7.1.3-patch1) that is available for download for all platforms.

Step 7

(Optional) If license_install tool was run previously from within the WAE install directory <WAE_INSTALL_DIR>, then run the license_install tool once again after installing this patch.


To find descriptions of all related Cisco WAE documentation, see the Cisco WAE 7.1.3 Documentation Roadmap.


We sometimes update the documentation after original publication. Therefore, you should always review the documentation on for any updates.

Open Source

A list of open source software that is used in WAE can be found in Open Source Software Used in Cisco WAN Automation Engine.


Resolved Bugs

The following are descriptions of the resolved bugs in Cisco WAE Release 7.1.3 Patch 1:

Table 1. Resolved Bugs

Bug ID



WMD crashes when tested using wae713 Alpha image.


WAE application crashes after invoking/executing custom-network-info task.


Unable to keep active connection with XTC


WMD does not get traffic from traffic-poll-nimo


Missmatch in traffic information data between WMD and traffic-poll-nimo


Archiving in WAE times out after restarting WAE.


WAE 7.1.3 does not function properly as /tmp is full of WAE tmp files.


WAE server crashes while java processes continue running.


WAE CLI freezes on commit


Unable to discover multi-topology ISIS from Alcatel device


WAE Design takes time to recalculate simulated traffic numbers when Multicast tables are included.


The traffic balance of external endpoint member is rounded off when a plan file is imported.

Known Limitations

This section describes known limitations and restrictions for Cisco WAE Release 7.1.3 Patch 1:

CSCvp63150: DesignApi process memory footprints increased.

This issue can be resolved using the following workaround:

  1. From the Expert Mode, navigate to /wae:wae/components/wmd:wmd and click config.

    - From the network-name drop-down list, select the final network model.

    - Click rpc-connection and set respawn-on-reload to true.

  2. Navigate to /wae:wae/components/aggregators/aggregator <network_name> and schedule the resync-aggregator-net action.

  3. After making the changes, run the following command on WAE CLI:

    admin@wae# packages reload

CSCvo36676: WAE server crashes leaving java processes running.

This issue can be resolved by upgrading Network Service Orchestrator to version 4.7.4 as part of WAE 7.1.3 patch 1.

CSCvo88515: WAE application crashes with errors "unexpected end of file" and "exception internal" after invoking or executing the custom-network-info task.

This issue can be resolved by upgrading Network Service Orchestrator to version 4.7.4 as part of WAE 7.1.3 patch 1.

Using the Cisco Bug Search Tool

You can use the Cisco Bug Search Tool to search for a specific bug or to search for all bugs in a release.


Step 1

Go to the

Step 2

Enter your registered username and password, and click Log In.

The Bug Search page opens.

If you do not have a username and password, you can
Step 3

Use any of these options to search for bugs, and then press Enter (Return) to initiate the search:

  • To search for a specific bug, enter the bug ID in the Search For field.

  • To search for bugs based on specific criteria, enter search criteria, such as a problem description, a feature, or a product name, in the Search For field.

  • To search for bugs based on products, enter or select a product from the Product list. For example, if you enter “WAE,” you get several options from which to choose.

  • To search for bugs based on releases, in the Releases list select whether to search for bugs affecting a specific release, bugs that were fixed in a specific release, or both. Then enter one or more release numbers in the Releases field.

Step 4

When the search results are displayed, use the filter tools to narrow the results. You can filter the bugs by status, severity, and so on.

To export the results to a spreadsheet, click Export Results to Excel.