Release Notes for Cisco DNA Traffic Telemetry Appliance

This document describes the features, limitations, and bugs for the Cisco DNA Traffic Telemetry Appliance (DN-APL-TTA-M).

Cisco DNA Traffic Telemetry Appliance Overview

The Cisco DNA Traffic Telemetry Appliance is a telemetry sensor platform that is used to generate telemetry from mirrored IP network traffic and share it with Cisco DNA Center for application and endpoint visibility. Network traffic is received from switches and routers via Switched Port Analyzer (SPAN) mirroring and fed into the Cisco DNA Traffic Telemetry Appliance mirroring interfaces. The Cisco DNA Traffic Telemetry Appliance analyzes the received traffic to produce a telemetry stream for Cisco DNA Center that is sent via the appliance network interface.

The Cisco DNA Traffic Telemetry Appliance offers a compact form factor that consumes less rack space and power.

Table 1. Platform Booting Methods
Boot Method Booting Command from ROMMON Supported in IOS XE 17.3.1

Bin boot

rommon> boot bootflash:ttam-universalk9.*.SSA.bin


Install boot

rommon> boot bootflash:packages.conf



Install boot is not supported in Cisco IOS XE Amsterdam 17.3.1. The impact of this limitation is the boot time: .bin boot takes more time than the Install boot, because the slower ROMMON retrieves the entire ttam-universalk9.*.SSA.bin from the bootflash to the memory.

New Features

The following table summarizes the new features in the Cisco DNA Traffic Telemetry Appliance.

Feature Description

Cisco DNA Traffic Telemetry Appliance (DN-APL-TTA-M)

Appliance generates telemetry from mirrored network traffic for endpoint analytics and Application Performance Monitoring (APM) on Cisco DNA Center.

Platform capabilities

  • Promiscuous Interface mode.

  • Automation via Cisco DNA Center.

  • CAPWAP traffic decapsulation and inspection.

  • Aggregation of additional attribute data at the application layer through deep packet inspection (DPI) and through NetFlow analysis.

  • 20 Gbps ingress throughput support.

Telemetry for Endpoint Analytics

  • Network-based application recognition (NBAR)-based protocol inspection and endpoint attribute extraction.

  • Support for 40,000 endpoints.

Telemetry for APM

  • NBAR for application/protocol identification.

  • Quantitative analytics for each application flow in the network.

  • Qualitative analytics including packet loss, latency, jitter, and application response times per flow.

  • NetFlow/IPFIX export to Cisco DNA Center.

Cisco DNA Center Compatibility Information

For information about devices and software releases supported by each application in Cisco DNA Center, and for compatibility between Cisco DNA Center and the Cisco DNA Traffic Telemetry Appliance, see Supported Devices.


Use the Bug Search Tool

Use the Bug Search tool to search for a specific bug or to search for all bugs in this release.

You can filter the search results.


Step 1

Enter the following URL in your browser:

Step 2

In the Log In window, enter your registered username and password and click Log In.

The Bug Search window opens.

If you do not have a username and password, register at
Step 3

To search for a specific bug, enter the bug ID in the Search For field and press Return.

Step 4

To search for bugs in the current release:

  1. In the Search For field, enter Cisco DNA Traffic Telemetry Appliance and press Return. (Leave the other fields empty.)

  2. When the search results are displayed, use the filter tools to find the types of bugs you are looking for. You can search for bugs by modified date, status, severity, and so forth.

    To export the results to a spreadsheet, click the Export Results to Excel link.

Open Bugs

The following table lists the open bugs in Cisco DNA Traffic Telemetry Appliance for this release.

Table 2. Open Bugs
Bug Identifier Description


Traceback appears when using the command connect G1toG2 GI0/0/1 GI0/0/2 .


The license boot-level command must be disabled in the Cisco DNA Traffic Telemetry Appliance platform.

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