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Voice Software License Expiration Error

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Updated: Jul 05, 2007



This document explains conditions under which you can receive an error about an expired license even though your license has not expired.


Components Used

The information in this document is based on Cisco Unified Call Services, Universal Edition, and Cisco Unified Call Studio, Universal Edition.


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Background Information

Symptoms: Your voice software reports that your license has expired, but the expiration date listed indicates that the license is valid.

Resolution: An error about license expiration is almost always related to your system clock. These are the most likely conditions:

  • Your license has actually expired.

  • Your system clock is not set properly.

The voice software detects inappropriate system clock situations (for example, if the current date is before the date when the license was activated) and assumes the license has expired in those cases.

In order to fix this issue, set your system clock to the correct time and restart your voice software.

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Updated: Jul 05, 2007
Document ID: 91680