Cisco ONS 15300 Series

Password Recovery for the Cisco ONS 15302 and ONS 15305

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Updated: Nov 29, 2005



This document describes how to recover a password on a Cisco ONS 15302 and ONS 15305.

Several password recovery procedures are described below. Please use the procedure applicable to the particular software version you are running. Some of the procedures below require the use of a tool to help you recover the password.



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Step-by-Step Procedures

For ONS 15302 Release R1.0 ICS04

Follow these instructions to recover a password on the ONS 15302 Release R1.0 ICS04:

  1. Before you begin, make sure that you either have physical access to the ONS 15302T, or that you know the Telnet password.

  2. Type 'helene' when prompted for the ONSCLI password.

    Note: No configuration will be lost and this does not interfere with traffic.

For ONS 15305 Releases R1.0 ICS04 and R1.0 ICS0x

Follow these instructions to recover a password on the ONS 15305 Release R1.0 ICS04 or Release R1.0 ICS0x:

Note: The password for ONS 15305 is generated based on the serial number of the main card. This ten-digit serial number can be read from CEC or ONSCLI (Inventory).

  1. Download and use the following Password Recovery Tool:

  2. If this is not possible because the password has already been lost, please contact Cisco Technical Support for further assistance.

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Updated: Nov 29, 2005
Document ID: 47021