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World Wide Technology and Cisco

Virtual care with a human touch

When Mercy wanted to reach more patients in more places, it turned to technology for the answer. With a virtual care solution from WWT, Mercy Virtual medical teams have an always-on view of their patients and make a lot of people healthier.

Power of partnership

World Wide Technology (WWT) and Cisco collaborate to deliver innovative IT and business outcomes. Since we joined forces in 1994, WWT has become one of our largest global partners. Turn to WWT to explore how Cisco solutions can integrate with other technologies. Learn how you can grow revenue, boost productivity, retain customers, control costs, and mitigate risks. 

  • Prebuilt testing capabilities

  • Square feet of operations

  • Application developers


Networking is no longer about connectivity alone. It’s about how quickly, securely, and effectively you can deliver services that differentiate your business. WWT can help you explore network automation and software-defined technologies to achieve the agility you need to succeed in today’s market.

Enhancing the user experience

A customized proof of concept leads to the seamless deployment of the Cisco Intelligent WAN.

Training ACI engineers

An intensive program enables WWT to quickly deploy the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure.

Digitizing the branch office

Stay competitive and learn how to deliver digital services with software-defined WAN.

(PDF - 318 KB)


Mobile devices are the primary way consumers and employees access and act on information. Mobility is thus central to any IT initiative. WWT can work with you to implement manageable and intelligent mobile solutions. Give your customers and employees a seamless wireless experience while enabling analytics for actionable business insights. 

Checking in passengers faster

Airport analytics shortens wait times and tracks traveler patterns.

Improving the fan experience

Wi-Fi upgrade digitizes engagement and creates new revenue streams.

Getting ahead of competitors

A national footwear retailer transforms its IT operations to capture sales.


When workers can connect how and when they want, they are more productive. Whether you need a video solution for personalized connections or a platform that enables persistent information sharing, WWT can help you discover the tools and integrations needed for your workers to solve any task at hand.

Get big savings with video

Video technology redefines how a pharmaceutical company’s employees work.

Personalize patient treatments

Learn how Spark API integrations with iOS 10 can improve healthcare workflows.

Make the most of your meetings

Make meetings more engaging and collaborative with the right technology.


Each day the cyber landscape grows in complexity, both in the types of threats and the technologies to combat them. WWT advises you on security readiness, awareness, defense, analytics, and response. And WWT’s flexible cybersecurity reference architecture allows you to evaluate new technologies based on your existing infrastructure. 

Security for PCI compliance

Act fast in reducing vulnerabilities and improve your security posture.

Threat management

The question is not if your organization will be attacked, but when.

Cybersecurity readiness

Validate and strengthen your company’s security posture with WWT experts.

Lifecycle management services

Software purchases are a significant part of IT budgets. But these investments may go untapped. Now you can align your software purchases to your business strategy and manage your enterprise license agreements with WWT’s EA+. Then use WWT’s consulting, technology labs, and adoption services to test and deploy software with confidence.

Deeper relationships

For WWT, what comes after the sale is what matters most.

Enterprise Agreements

WWT helps you fully consume your software investments and innovate your business.

Teacher-student connections

Technology training leads to the full adoption of Cisco Jabber.


WWT employs more than 400 full-stack application developers and thousands of IT engineers. They deliver the creative and technology know-how that enables WWT to transform its customers’ businesses at scale. By fusing infrastructure and software expertise, WWT closes the gap between business and IT initiatives. Its customers gain efficiencies and innovate faster.

Thermostat for a smart home

Go full-speed ahead into the future with app development and sensor technology.

Mobile app for public utility

Workforce productivity app digitizes audit procedures and speeds quality assurance checks.

The power of data

Evolve your organization’s mindset to include data-driven improvement.

Delivering care where and when it’s needed

We need to be looking at technology as an opportunity to create a different outcome, a different experience. And that’s ultimately what we’re trying to do for Mercy today.

Jim Kavanaugh, CEO, World Wide Technology

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