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3 Reasons Always-On Technology Makes Sense for Small Business

The only constant is change

Today, small businesses are facing unprecedented changes that are having a fundamental effect on how they operate. In a turbulent environment, managing costs is critical to survival. Most businesses are looking to avoid spending large amounts of cash on technology.

Downtime isn’t an option, and your small business needs technology that is always on. The cloud gives you access to technology that used to be out of reach. With cloud, you can:

  • Spread out your IT costs
  • Access a wide range of applications

Here are three important reasons why remotely managing your IT in the cloud makes sense for your small business.

1. You can respond to change quickly

Running technology in the cloud gives you the flexibility to add and reduce services as needed. Even if you don’t have a huge (or any) IT staff, you need to be able to manage your network quickly and easily. Cloud-based network management:

  • Offers application visibility, real-time web-based diagnostics, monitoring, and reporting
  • Makes it easy to automatically set up employee devices
  • Unifies your IT administration so you can view the network from a single dashboard

2. You can keep everyone productive

With more people working from home, access to cloud-based business tools also simplifies remote work. Cloud-based collaboration tools keep everyone productive with:

  • Videoconferencing that has built-in encryption to protect the privacy of both your users and your data
  • One-click sign-on to meetings with high-quality video and simple screen sharing
  • Secure exchange of messages and files across devices
  • Digital whiteboards for easy team brainstorming

3. You can stay updated and secure

The always-on nature of cloud means that your software and devices are always up to date. The updates happen in the background so you don’t have to spend your time patching or waiting offline while things are being fixed. Your employees can work from any device, at any time, from any location and access cloud-based security solutions that:

  • Offer secure network access on every device
  • Defend against threats with cloud- delivered security
  • Detect and block cyberattacks

Optimize your cash flow and productivity

You have so many things to do; you don’t want to spend all your time dealing with IT problems. To remain competitive, you need flexible technology that helps optimize your cash flow, productivity, and growth potential.