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Building Your Network for Growth and Innovation

Is your business growing? You can have a new location or employee up and running in the amount of time it takes to flip open a laptop computer and connect to the Internet.

You can even let your partners and customers tap into your network resources on their computers without worrying about security breeches.

Cisco SMB Solutions provide the foundation you need to extend your network in the future. You'll be able to take advantage of wireless networking, advanced communications (such as video conferencing) and other technologies when you need them. For example:

  • Improve your just-in-time supply and inventory management with wireless access to databases from the shop or warehouse floor. Employees can use handheld bar code readers to track packages, inventory, and supplies.
  • Set up kiosks in retail locations so customers can browse your catalog or service offering, check item availability, or select color and size choices. You can even provide additional information, such as indicating which items are available by mail order or are available in other store locations.
  • Speed delivery and reduce delivery errors by allowing delivery vehicle personnel to access the company database for updated delivery and customer information from their vehicles.
  • Extend your telephone and Web customer service hours cost-efficiently by hiring customer service reps who can work from home—which reduces costly office space and allows you to have workers located in multiple time zones.
  • Enhance customer service by integrating an IP communications system with a customer-relationship management (CRM) system. Your employees will immediately have access to important information about a customer, displayed on an IP phone or computer screen the moment a customer calls.


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Tips to Success

Visit the Cisco Small Business blog to learn about tips for your products, industry-wide information, and how to get the best out of your technology from Cisco and industry experts.

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