Get a Head Start on Future Security Challenges

Who knows what the future will bring? Perhaps your company will add new employees or locations, merge with another company, or enter new markets where security is highly regulated. This much is certain: New security threats will appear, challenging the integrity of whatever security solution you have in place.

In order to have security on your small business network that grows with your business, it's important to keep five things in mind:

  • Your security hardware and software should be scalable and extensible. "Scalable" means you can add users and locations without worrying about hitting a ceiling. "Extensible" means you can add features and make adjustments as security needs change. Scalable and flexible security technology keeps your security up to date while protecting your original investment in security hardware and software.
  • You should only deploy security hardware and software offered by a vendor with the financial and technical wherewithal to continually develop, test, and improve its security solutions.
  • Vendors that sell to larger enterprise customers will most likely have developed solutions designed to meet the most demanding security needs. These vendors will have tested these solutions extensively and will most likely be the first to market with new solutions as security threats warrant. Many vendors apply the advanced technology they've developed for enterprises to products tailored to the small and medium-sized business market.
  • You're working with a certified and experienced security partner. Your security needs will no doubt change over time, and therefore it's important you select a security partner or consultant that can provide you with ongoing assistance as needed. A good partner will help your identify security challenges before they become problems. They'll know how to properly install and monitor solutions and they'll now what new solutions are available to help you solve your particular security needs.
  • Look for a partner that can help you create security solutions quickly. The last thing you want is to delay the opening of a new office or lose customers because security efforts aren't adequate or in place.


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