Small Business Firewall: Frequently Asked Questions

Small business firewall technology is an essential part of your network's security. If you haven't added a small business firewall to your network, your computers are vulnerable to attack from hackers.

Here are some frequently asked questions about small business firewall technology.

Small Business Firewall: What Is It?

Much like a building's firewall, a small business firewall blocks threats from spreading across your network.

The ideal small business firewall is a combination of hardware and software that limits the exposure of computers on a network to hackers. The firewall inspects all the network traffic that passes through it. 'Good' or recognized traffic is allowed to pass through. 'Bad' or suspicious traffic, often coming from the Internet, is denied. A firewall uses a set of rules to help it distinguish between legitimate and malicious traffic.

What Does a Firewall Prevent?

If you don't have a small business firewall, hackers can access the computers on your network. Once they're inside, hackers can pick up proprietary information traveling across your network for identity theft or other criminal purposes. A hacker could also install malicious software on your network's computers, such as Trojan horses and worms. Or they could bring down your email and web servers, among other things.

Is a Firewall the Only Network Security My Business Needs?

A small business firewall, by itself, doesn't protect your network from all threats. It won't protect you from all types of viruses, for instance. Similarly, antivirus solutions don't necessarily guard your networked computers from hacker attacks.

What Do I Need to Protect My Business?

The most effective solution is a comprehensive security device that lets you control access to network resources, which helps protect business data and maximize network uptime. Your security solution should integrate firewall, virtual private network (VPN), antivirus, and other security technologies. Look for a solution that's designed for small and medium-sized businesses, is easy to use, and can grow with you as your business and security needs evolve.

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Find out how to secure your small business.

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