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A secure network foundation from Cisco enables you to easily and cost-effectively add new users and applications as needed. In turn, this built-in flexibility helps your company stay competitive, react quickly to change, and expand to international markets, among other benefits.

Here are some ways in which a secure Cisco network foundation can help you continue to enhance your company's productivity in the future:

  • Go wireless. As your company grows, it may need to expand its physical space. A wireless network helps your workforce stay connected to business applications, such as your customer database, without the costs and limitations of wiring. Support for adding wireless data connectivity is built into your secure Cisco network foundation.
  • Stay in touch wherever you go. Wireless IP phones are as easy to use as traditional cordless phones but have a far greater signal range and can provide much more functionality. With wireless IP phones, your workforce can roam the sales floor, office, campus, or warehouse, answering customer inquiries and accessing company data, such as an inventory database.
  • Communicate using your computer. Cisco SMB Solutions let you access powerful communication tools from an easy-to-use multimedia interface on a PC or Mac. These tools include voice, video, instant messaging (IM), Web conferencing, call management, directories, and "presence" applications that can constantly update user locations and availability.
  • Participate in video conferences. With Cisco SMB Solutions, you can participate in a video conference using a familiar, easy-to-use phone interface on your computer.
  • Route calls to the best available employees. Cisco SMB Solutions can intelligently route calls to contact center agents or those employees most qualified to meet a caller's need. The software integrates with customer databases to provide agents with customer information the moment a customer calls. And it provides management with insight into the contact center so they can staff at the appropriate levels, manage agent performance and optimize customer service.


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