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Business Productivity: Preparing for a Boost

Business productivity is something every company strives for. So how can your company become more productive?

Start with a secure network foundation. The network keeps your workforce connected to your customer database, important business applications, and other valuable resources, no matter where they may be.

When you're ready, you can further enhance business productivity by adding voice, video, and wireless capabilities to your network. You can also add applications that integrate with your communications system--such as customer relationship management (CRM) software—to boost business productivity even further.

If you've identified increasing business productivity as a priority, the next step is to plan. Transitioning to a network with advanced communications tools requires forethought. Here are five things to consider:

  1. Involve key people in decisions. Before embarking upon any business productivity initiatives, ask managers and employees what changes they'd like to see. Their input is vital to your project's success.
  2. Prepare workers for change. A network supporting voice, video, wireless, and other applications radically improves business productivity. Emphasize with workers how these tools will benefit them.
  3. Determine training needs. Find out how much training is typical for any new applications and tools and build training into your timeline.
  4. Determine how long the upgrade process will take. Ask your IT adviser for a realistic estimate of the time required to roll out new business productivity tools and how best to make the transition. Ask what can be done to minimize potential downtime.
  5. Develop a long-term plan. Boosting business productivity is an ongoing activity. Start planning now for any additions to your network down the road, such as CRM software integrated with your phone system.


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