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Small office PBX phone systems today combine the best of both worlds. You get the features of a traditional, landline-based small office PBX. Plus, with a unified communications solution, you get an Internet Protocol (IP) PBX phone system as well as advanced collaboration and communication tools.

The result: With next-generation small office PBX systems, small businesses have the type of communications systems their larger competitors have, in a solution that's built especially for their needs and budgets.

What's a Small Office PBX?

A traditional small office PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a telephone switching system that connects a company's internal phone users to each other and to the public phone system. On a traditional small office PBX, employees can easily make calls within the company simply by dialing an extension.

How are Today's Small Office PBX Systems Different?

Next-Generation communications solutions offer the same features as traditional PBX systems and much more. Advanced unified communications solutions often include an IP PBX, which runs on the same IP network many small companies use to run their businesses. This saves costs and minimizes network management.

What is Unified Communications?

A unified communications solution unifies and simplifies all forms of communication regardless of location, time or device. It provides sophisticated features such as "presence", which is the ability to determine the best way to contact others within your company at any given time.

Cisco Systems Unified Communications Manager Express, designed specifically for small businesses, combines an IP PBX system with robust telephony tools. With Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express, a small business can dramatically improve productivity, reduce communications and network management costs, enhance collaboration, and more.

Get more information about Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express.

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