Whole Home DVR

More Content in More Places

Cisco Whole Home DVR lets subscribers record content once and then access it on any set-top in the home.

Content Access on Any TV Today
Typically, the DVR experience is limited to one room in a consumer household. The Cisco Whole Home DVR lets consumers record their favorite TV programs once and access that content on any set-top in the home, however.

Provide the First Step in the Connected Life
Open standards and IP-enabled technologies are creating the foundation for "any-screen" experiences, promoting the Connected Life. In the Connected Life, unified video experiences are accessible when and where consumers want them and on their chosen device. Cisco Whole Home DVR is the first critical step.

Deliver Next-Generation Services
When the whole home DVR is used with other medianet solutions, content can be managed across any DVR and consumer electronic device. Cisco next-generation set-tops converge the more social, personal, and interactive Internet capabilities with traditional cable video. They can support multiple home networking standards and offer hybrid tuning options

Increase Service Differentiation and Value
The Cisco Whole Home DVR offers a new world of personalization and freedom for consumers. It provides a simple, high-value way for you to:

  • Improve consumer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Differentiate your service from competitors
  • Extend the Connected Life throughout the home
  • Begin the transformation from service provider to experience provider

North America Markets

Cisco Explorer 8600HDC Hybrid Cable/IP High-Definition DVR Set-Top Box Series
This series helps enable whole home video so that consumers can share digital video recording or user-generated, Internet-based video content across multiple set-tops or computers.

Cisco Explorer 4600HDC Hybrid Cable/IP High-Definition Digital Interactive Set-Top Box Series
This series is a full-featured, digital multimedia gateway that delivers interactive services such as video on demand while incorporating next-generation capabilities.

Cisco Explorer 1640HDC Hybrid Cable/IPHigh-Definition Digital-Only Interactive Set-Top Box Series
This non-DVR multimedia gateway is designed to support your introductory, next-generation services; recapture valuable bandwidth; and expand advanced services.

Digital Video Broadcasting Markets

Cisco 8485DVB Hybrid Cable/IP High-Definition DVR Set-Top
This newest generation of hybrid Cable/IP DVR set-top has the ability to integrate DVB and IP video experiences into one device, resulting in innovative multimedia service creation. It is available in two display formats:

Cisco 8455DVB Hybrid Cable/IP High-Definition DVR Set-Top
This first-generation hybrid Cable/IP DVR set-top combines MPEG-4/MPEG-4 video delivery with DVB-C and IP support capabilities. SCART outputs and a DOCSIS cable modem are standard.