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Creating an Engaging Work Environment

Australia's largest telecommunication company showcases its own technology in its workplace, from unified communications to cloud services.


  • Create workspaces that help employees collaborate, innovate, and be productive
  • Give employees the tools to work in different spaces depending on their activity
  • Help customers imagine how they, too, might benefit from similar workspaces and technologies


  • Invite employees to choose where they work each day based on their activity
  • Provide the technology that employees need so they’re not tied to a desk
  • Deliver these cloud services, powered by Cisco


  • Changed work behavior in ways that increase productivity
  • Gained an advantage in recruiting and retaining top talent by making its workplace attractive
  • Demonstrated the value of Telstra's technology solutions to customers
Employee engagement leads to strong productivity as well as making an organization a much more attractive place to work.
- Gwilym Funnell,
Director, Collaboration Practice, Telstra