Cisco SON Applications

Cut Costs, Improve Experience

Learn how you can deploy more small cells while reducing OpEx and improving QoE.

Cut Costs, Improve Experience

Cisco SON Applications, which share a common platform, offer a true multi-technology, multi-vendor, self-optimizing network. With these applications, operators can optimize resources by providing a quick response to network and environmental changes. This is done by using a fully automatic, closed-loop process that:

  • Monitors conditions of the network
  • Makes adjustments
  • Tests the results
  • Fine tunes the configuration continuously

Cisco SON Suite provides a synchronized and coordinated series of automatic optimization applications. These include:

Automatic Neighbor Relations

This application manages the large number of changes required to maintain an optimal interfrequency and intrafrequency neighbor list. It helps reduce dropped data sessions and voice calls, and optimizes use of Radio Access Network (RAN) resources.

Dynamic Load Balancing

It manages the cellular radio network load to handle today’s unpredictable patterns of high bandwidth demand.

Dynamic Interference Management

This application manages radio interference and improves the user experience under varying conditions.

Mass Event Handling

This real-time SON solution optimizes performance in a venue where a dynamic mass event takes place.

Capacity and Coverage Optimization

It manages the tradeoff between coverage and capacity. It helps operators handle dynamic traffic distribution, design faults, and real-life network operational constraints.

Automatic Parameter Organization

With minimal impact on performance, this application simply and efficiently integrates new network elements into the UTRAN or E-UTRAN.

Dynamic Self-Healing

This application addresses cell outage experience such as sleeping cells and parameters breaching predetermined boundaries.