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Cisco ASR 9000 DDoS Protection Solution

Detect and Stop DDoS Attacks

Protect networks from Distributed Denial of Service attacks. Cisco and Arbor can help.

Thwart Hackers, and Keep Your Network Up and Running

DDoS attacks remain a popular method for hackers to disrupt network operations.

According to Arbor Network’s research, the size of DDoS attacks has grown 4,900 percent in the past 10 years, peaking at 400 Gbps last year.

This growing threat can disrupt and take down websites and block traffic. It can also increase costs due to lost revenue and the expense of safeguarding networks. Companies need solutions to mitigate these threats.

Cisco ASR 9000 DDoS Protection Solution, combined with Arbor Network’s Peakflow, will help you:

  • Detect and mitigate DDoS attacks
  • Keep unwanted traffic off the network
  • Boost efficiency of IP-based services

How We Help You Stop DDoS Attacks

See the benefits of the Cisco-Arbor joint solution. (PDF - 191 KB)


Automatically Block Network Threats

Keep your network safe without disturbing any of your legitimate traffic. (2:22)


New Roles for Service Providers

See how service providers can help prevent DDoS attacks in this Frost and Sullivan Report.