Optical Transport Solutions

A Comprehensive Optical Portfolio

For over a decade, services providers and enterprises alike have relied on Cisco for metro, regional, long haul, and data center optical transport networks. These networks transport huge quantities of data at high rates over great distances, providing the foundation for all WANs.

Benefit from Cisco Leadership and Innovation

Cisco ushered optical transport into the modern era with the Multiservice Provisioning Platform (MSPP) and continued its leadership by introducing the industry’s first widely deployed reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexer (ROADM) technology. This brought the operational ease of use of the MSPP into dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) networks.

Cisco ROADM innovation continues into its fourth generation, with the first Single Module ROADM. It combines multidegree wavelength switching functionality with optical amplification and spectrum analysis in a single slot line card.

In combination with advanced features such as colorless, omnidirectional add/drop, the Cisco ONS 15454 Multiservice Transport Platform (MSTP) provides wavelength switched optical network (WSON) functionality. This embeds optical layer intelligence directly into optical network elements, to support true wavelength-on-demand services and dynamic restoration.

Gain Flexible Aggregation

Cisco optical transport aggregation solutions integrate Packet, SONET, and OTN aggregation and switching into the DWDM transport platform. This allows customers to realize the benefits of efficient wavelength fill and tight communication among network layers.

Selected on a per card basis, a mix of Layer 1 services, time division multiplexing (TDM), and packet switching technologies can be deployed where needed. This can meet customer and network requirements, while minimizing footprint and simplifying operations.Cisco optical transport can aggregate services into 2.5, 10, 40, and 100 Gb wavelengths.

Scale to 100 GB and Beyond

As the optical transport industry consolidates around coherent technology for DWDM transport of 100 Gb services, Cisco has demonstrated a clear position of leadership. The Cisco solution offers the best performance, smallest footprint, highest density, and lowest power consumption available today. Cisco coherent technology promises to scale to even greater densities and higher bit rates, leading to 400 gigabit and terabit transport.

Continued investment in ROADM, amplification, and aggregation technologies will help ensure that Cisco optical transport cost-effectively scales to meet ever-increasing customer demands. In addition, Cisco innovations in multilayer convergence promise to improve operations and lower costs.

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